November 30, 2020

A Conversation in God’s Kitchen: How I’ve learned to understand the Bible

A Conversation in God's Kitchen How I've learned to understand the Bible by Michael Spencer And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself...They said … [Continue reading...]

A View from the Bench

A View from the Bench By Steve McFarland "Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, and disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other … [Continue reading...]

A few laughs with the Boar’s Head staff

Steve McFarland is our correspondent in the public schools, where he actually earns a modest living at taxpayer's expense. Eric Rigney works in Higher Education. Now that's funny. And also a drain on the taxpayer. He writes on … [Continue reading...]

The Sleeping Bear Awakens

Our liberal fellow-citizens have awakened from their slumbers. And like any hibernating bear just rising from a four month nap, these liberals are hungry for some political breakfast. This is not a time to pat them on the nose. … [Continue reading...]

A Father’s Day Remembrance

A Father's Day Remembrance My Two Dads By Bart Campbell I can’t get a handle on all of the things I would like to write about my dad. You see it is exceptionally difficult to build any type of framework around him, as I have … [Continue reading...]

John Ashcroft: The Left’s Pathetic Case for Racism

The Democrat argument is simple. Because Ashcroft vigorously opposed the appointment of an African-American as a Federal judge, he is unfit to be attorney general. This argument depends on the public's general lack of knowledge … [Continue reading...]

Does The Rest of The World Need The Spirit of America?

Does The Rest of The World Need The Spirit of America? A letter to my daughter Reader: My daughter, Noel Spencer, is away at a special summer program for high school seniors. She is spending five weeks on the campus of Centre … [Continue reading...]

The Little Brothers of Saint Archie Bunker

The Little Brothers of Saint Archie Bunker How to argue theology till no one but the cows come home "We didn't crawl out from under no rocks. We didn't have no tails. And we didn't come from monkeys you atheist pinko … [Continue reading...]

Zero Tolerance Follies

Occasionally, Americans are capable of great things. D-Day. State Fair Corn dogs. Frank Sinatra. The election of Ronald Reagan. The Internet. On other occasions, Americans can really lay an egg. The election of Bill Clinton. The … [Continue reading...]

Say Anything

Say Anything The ad man triumphs at the church on the corner I am a hopeless reader of church advertisements. When I can get my hands on a newspaper, I do not read the sports sections or the comics. I read church … [Continue reading...]