October 24, 2020

Review: “V” For Vendetta

Because my son is a fan of the original graphic novel, "V for Vendetta," my drive home from the theater this afternoon was a seminar in all the ways the new film differed from the novel. Those observations cemented my impression … [Continue reading...]

To Complete The Vow: A Meditation for Husbands and Wives

The Minister, receiving the Woman at her father's or friend's hands, shall cause the Man with his right hand to take the Woman by her right hand, and to say after him as followeth. I, M. take thee, N. to my wedded wife, to have … [Continue reading...]

Pilgrim Tracks Through The Stacks

I'm not like you. I've got a mongrel library. I don't like to be told what to read. One of my characteristic behaviors in high school was to be constantly reading....reading something that was not my assignment. I moderated … [Continue reading...]

Don Whitney and The Recovery of Reformation Spirituality

Avoiding A Theology To Kill Your Devotional Life I wrote about devotional resources that have proven meaningful to me in "An iMonkish Quiet Time." Don Whitney is an unusual person. Not to meet or hear him, but unusual in … [Continue reading...]

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

I'll be putting an essay in this space in a few days, but until then, check out Scot Mcknight's blog, and especially the series of posts on "Jesus and Homosexuality." Here are two quotes" So, I begin right here: How would Jesus … [Continue reading...]

Dying, We Live: Pat’s Story

This is the first post in a new IM category: "The Second Half of Life." I never knew Pat when he was healthy. I first heard his name in the aftermath of a massive heart attack that visited him one night and left him a weakened … [Continue reading...]

An Emerging Critique Worth Reading

UPDATE: Adrian Warnock comments on the "Phil and Monk" show. Worth reading. The entire transcript of Phil Johnson's Shepherd's Conference seminar on the Emerging Church can be found here. I've read the seminar twice, and … [Continue reading...]

Blue Like The Color Of My Face

Challenge to Critics of the Emerging Church: Don Miller makes frequent reference to Imago Dei Church. Here's their sermon page. Have you listened to any EC preachers? Why not listen and see if the "no propositions/no truth" … [Continue reading...]

Here. There. This. That.

A few notes on this and that. C.J. Mahaney's assistant, Carolyn McCulley, sent me two books by C.J., and I'm very grateful. One is a "combined" volume of C.J.'s book on The Cross Centered Life (which my church did for Lent two … [Continue reading...]

The Monk Emerges

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at a Charismatic church in a neighboring community. (Take it to the comment threads, people.) I discovered that I was actually speaking at an "emerging" worship service designed for the … [Continue reading...]