July 11, 2020

Looking Away From The Darkened Sun

Chuck Colson writes a riveting piece in Christianity Today on his own dark night of the soul. The key quote (my bold):Exhausted from hospitals, two years of writing The Good Life, and an ugly situation with a disgruntled former … [Continue reading...]

Review: Fool’s Gold

Fool's Gold, John Macarthur, general editor, 2005 Crossway Books, with chapters by Nathan Busenitz, Scott Lang, Phil Johnson, Daniel Gillespie, Rick Holland, Carey Hardy, Kurt Gebhards, Dan Dumas. The following review by Dr. … [Continue reading...]

Review: Colossians Remixed

Colossians Remixed by Brian Walsh and Sylvia C. Keesmaat. IVP, 2004. Reading, rereading, hearing, rehearing, teaching, reteaching, discussing, rediscussing....the letters of Paul and books/sermons/teaching from them. Sometimes, … [Continue reading...]

How The MegaChurch Stole Christmas (Day Worship)

Some of America's largest megachurches won't be open on Sunday, December 25. After multiple services on Christmas Eve, they are giving their congregations, volunteers, staffs- and thousands of twice a year attenders- the day off … [Continue reading...]

A Conversation In God’s Kitchen

I am reprinting this essay by request and in order to get it into the search engine. If I were writing this today, a few things would be changed, but it is still by best contribution in regard to my own belief about the nature of … [Continue reading...]

The Light Of A Most Obvious Question: Why Hanging Out With Jesus Is Changing My Christianity

If you enjoyed this piece, you would probably also like this earlier exploration of the significance of the Gospels in the Christian Life. Dedication: A few weeks ago, I listened to an extraordinary sermon, but not … [Continue reading...]

The Christian And Mental Illness

Here are all six parts of the Mental Illness series so you can link them together. I've never done a series of this length before, and I enjoyed it. I hope to do some other series in the future. … [Continue reading...]

Advent Blogging Continues

The Advent Blog sponsored by the Boar's Head Tavern continues. It's a community project, not just me. Stop by and visit. I'd appreciate your links and mentions on your own blogs. … [Continue reading...]

The Christian and Mental Illness VI: What Does The Gospel Say?

I come to my last post in this series: What does the Gospel say to the mentally ill? What does it say to all human beings about the mentally ill? What does their presence among us tell us about ourselves? How is mental illness … [Continue reading...]

The Christian and the Mental Illness V: The Church and the Mentally Ill

What is the church's responsibility to the mentally ill? I have concluded that mental illness, despite the potential baggage of the worldview of psychology, is inherently a truthful enough category to be useful in describing a … [Continue reading...]