December 14, 2019

Stephen Prothero on “The Passion”

Stephen Prothero on "The Passion" in Opinion Journal:Mr. Gibson's idiosyncratic take on this medieval "Man of Sorrows" is plainly a product of American culture. It draws on the Bible, medieval passion plays and Roman Catholic … [Continue reading...]

Richard is a Canadian Baptist

Richard is a Canadian Baptist pastor. I thought his thoughts were worth posting and sharing. Why I (probably) Won't Go See The Passion- by Richard Campeau The controversial film The Passion of the Christ, directed by … [Continue reading...]

My Questions About “The Passion.”

My Questions About "The Passion." I want to be really clear that I have not seen this movie. I will say I've devoted more than a year to learning about it, having written one of the first blog pieces on the film almost two … [Continue reading...]

My Review of The Gospel

My Review of The Gospel of John: The Movie Denise and I just finished watching the new "Gospel of John" movie. I'd like to say a few things about it. I have two other films that follow the Biblical text as the script. … [Continue reading...]

The Music Debate at our

The Music Debate at our House: Does it have an influence on what people do? We have this continuous simmering disagreement in my household over music. I love music, and enjoy all different kinds. My kids are a lot like me, though … [Continue reading...]

Advice to My Daughter: GOP

Advice to My Daughter: GOP or Libertarian? My daughter struggling with whether she is a Republican or a Libertarian. Here's her post. Here's my answer. Dear Noel, First of all, remember that your political principles are … [Continue reading...]

No Room for a Pastor

No Room for a Pastor in a School Lunchroom Saw this story about a church I'm very familiar with in the town where I pastored for four years. Seems the local school board has banned ministers from eating lunch with students in … [Continue reading...]

What’s pathetic about this interview

What's pathetic about this interview with Mel Gibson aren't his answers- which are simple, not particularly eloquent, and nothing we haven't heard before- but the brutally stupid questions Dianne Sawyer was asking. I almost typed … [Continue reading...]

The Second Commandment, The Passion,

The Second Commandment, The Passion, and Evangelical Endorsements "I Think I Need A Stiff Drink" links to this PCA Pastor's vigorous defense of a strict view of the second commandment. If you want to read a detailed legalistic … [Continue reading...]

Is the gore necessary? Martin

Is the gore necessary? Martin Marty- one liberal who has my utmost respect- comments on violence in The Passion, and I must say that I agree with every word. Really, this is perfect.The previewers who like violence if it shows … [Continue reading...]