July 17, 2019

Dancing at the fundamentalist ball

Dancing at the Fundamentalist Ball A Special Essay by Michael Spencer I am almost through with fundamentalism. Almost. There are still some places where I want to hang on to my fundamentalism, but not many. After spending … [Continue reading...]

To fly alone, or not at all

To Fly Alone, Or Not At All by Michael Spencer Note: The following article is based purely on my own experiences with young people, and is in no way a claim to know anything about the motives or personal experience of Charles … [Continue reading...]

Uncomfortable in Madison

Uncomfortable in Madison by Michael Spencer I am not a conspicuous flag waver. I do not have a flag on my car. My wife finally put a tiny flag on the front porch, but I would probably have waited till July to put a flag up on … [Continue reading...]

Public schools: Is there a big fix?

Public Schools: Is There A Big Fix? by Steve Mcfarland Being the center of attention has its advantages. People look at you, talk about you, and read reports from others about what they think of you. The world perks up it’s … [Continue reading...]

The boy at the beach . . . and how I killed him

The Boy At The Beach....and How I Killed Him How being fat and being me became the same thing by Michael Spencer I have a picture of myself, around 13 years old I think, standing with my mom and her brothers on the beach of a … [Continue reading...]

An appetite for fanaticism

An Appetite for Fanaticism Is there something wrong with saying "You've gone too far"? by Michael Spencer It occurred to me this week, while observing a group of religious fanatics putting on a public demonstration of … [Continue reading...]

A slow drive over the edge

A Slow Drive Over The Edge An analysis of fanaticism among evangelical Christians by Michael Spencer NOTE: Several weeks ago, I published an essay on IM on the subject of religious fanaticism. Since that time, I've continued … [Continue reading...]

Dear Rev. Falwell

Dear Rev. Falwell by Michael Spencer "I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for … [Continue reading...]

If It Looks Like an Evangelical Skunk…

If It Looks Like an Evangelical Skunk... (Or Why You Can Leave Me Behind Too) by Michael Spencer I think Jan Crouch's hair is the darnest thing since the Tower of Babel. I think Benny Hinn is sincere, but probably unstable. I … [Continue reading...]

Why I’m not a preacher, and why that’s a good thing

Why I’m not a Preacher, and why that’s a good thing We don't need more preachers. We need better ones. by Bill MacKinnon If you, gentle reader, have gotten past the title and are actually reading this article, you may be … [Continue reading...]