August 10, 2020

Ten Propositions on Certainty and Theology + a Breather

Enjoy Aaron Ghiloni's Ten Propositions on Certainty and Theology. It's good. I'm taking a couple of days off from answering mail and reading blogs. I'll post some new content here in the Evangelical Anxieties series soon. (The … [Continue reading...]

Five Reasons + Two Resources

Five Reasons I Don't Use The Term Inerrancy: 1. Inerrancy is a term that requires too many intelligent, honest Christians to violate their consciences over what they read in the text of the Bible, and no amount of "Resolving … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 2:10:07: Truthiness Friday With Ascol and Baker

Today must have been "Truthiness Friday" in the SBC. First, Doug Baker comes out and says that despite the emphasis on inerrancy ***ahem***, the SBC is probably going to substantially die off as an influential denomination in a … [Continue reading...]

Ten Questions On The Bible (plus one rant)

UPDATE: If "inerrancy," a term that doesn't appear in any major confession or creed, equals "being a Christian" to you, then let me encourage you to stop worrying about the effect of this blog. I'm happy to have you here, but if a … [Continue reading...]

“Do You Know About This?”

A story about why I am spending my life to preach the Gospel and laboring to help others do the same. One of the things I’m known for around our school is my insistence that the preachers who share the chapel pulpit with me … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #45

I answer some of the criticism leveled at me from the theologians at Fide-O. Podcast #15 is gone. A Conversation in God's Kitchen. This is the newer version with comments available. … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Anxieties 4: Does God’s Judgment Make Christianity a Religion of Fear?

Evangelical Anxieties is a series of posts on the growing phenomenon of fear as a major component of the faith of evangelical Christians. It might seem that the subject of judgment is so similar to the subject of hell that a … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Anxieties 3: Does Believing in Hell Make Christianity a Religion of Fear?

Evangelical Anxieties is a series of posts dealing with the issue of fear- as experience and motivation- in evangelicalism. See the category for these posts to read them all. If there is a “fundamental” question to this … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Anxieties 2: Fear, Faith and God’s People

I continue my look at the role of fear in evangelicalism with some thoughts on how the people of God, both now and in the Biblical past, have faced the choice between fear and faith. Somewhere in the South, an evangelical … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Anxieties 1: Is Christianity a Religion of Fear?

This is the first in a new series of posts exploring the increasing role fear is playing in evangelicalism. I anticipate ten or more posts in the series, and I hope they will be helpful to my readers. I could write more on these … [Continue reading...]