March 25, 2019

Defeat by embarrassment

Defeat by Embarrassment Why Are Conservatives Ignoring a Slam Dunk on Immigration Reform? by Michael Spencer Imagine a political issue that could unite a conservative coalition well beyond the one that supported Ronald … [Continue reading...]

Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine Firing missionaries for not signing a bad confession was a big mistake. by Michael Spencer The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 A little history Back in the mid 1980's I was a good Southern Baptist … [Continue reading...]

Steve McFarland: Hugs For Mrs. Hardesty

Hugs For Mrs. Hardesty by Steve McFarland My neighbor told me a story the other day that made me think. Really think. This story has nothing to do with education and everything to do with how we think about the more important … [Continue reading...]

The honeymoon is over (thankfully)

The honeymoon is over (thankfully) by Michael Spencer The honeymoon of President George W. Bush was, as political honeymoons go, better than average. The removal of the Arkansas mafia from the Presidential premises brought … [Continue reading...]

Is school out for Baptists?

Is School Out for Baptists? Southern Baptists consider the benefits of dropping out of public schools by Michael Spencer "Contemporary Christianity in America has become a self-absorbed culture of protection against everything … [Continue reading...]

Don’t know much about History

Don't Know Much About History Postmodernism turns off the History Channel At least once during any year, those organizations that attempt to monitor the effectiveness of American education send forth an alarm about the … [Continue reading...]

Why Do They Hate Us?

Why Do They Hate Us? Evangelical Christians are almost universally disliked. Is there a good reason? (2002) I don't really know why someone thought it was necessary to do a poll to see just who were the most disliked groups … [Continue reading...]

I Hate Theology

I Hate Theology Give the lawyers the day off -- It's the theologians' turn to be the scum of the earth The moment of truth There is a moment in every torrid romance when things go badly, the magic vanishes, and one looks at … [Continue reading...]

Eric Rigney: The Good Spell of Harry Potter

The Good Spell of Harry Potter by Eric Rigney Last summer I was traveling with a friend of mine, listening to the radio, when NPR broadcast a short feature on the Harry Potter books and the rapidity with which children were … [Continue reading...]

Wretched Urgency II: My not-so-guilty pleasures

Wretched Urgency II: My Not-So-Guilty Pleasures In which I disagree with John Piper and defend goofing off. by Michael Spencer Note: The original "Wretched Urgency" was an essay dealing with how a fundamentalistic concern for … [Continue reading...]