June 6, 2020

Debunking Conspiracies

Debunking Conspiracies On the BioLogos Forum, Matthew Pevarnik has an article discussing his frustration with conspiracy theories concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, especially originating from Christians.  He cites an especially … [Continue reading...]

Wednesday with Michael Spencer: “That’s my trash can in the corner, and what you’re smelling is what I finally threw out.”

Wednesday with Michael Spencer That’s my trash can in the corner, and what you’re smelling is what I finally threw out. (2009) I believe what Christians believe. It’s what my life is founded on. My Christian faith is like a … [Continue reading...]

Another Look – Sad of heart

Easter Monday Another Look: Sad of heart (Luke 24) “They stopped, their faces drawn with misery…” (Luke 24:18). When we meet our friends on the road to Emmaus, we can see that they are sad of heart. Their faces are downcast, … [Continue reading...]

A Jesus Shaped Spirituality for such a time as This

Welcome to my new time slot! I am grateful to Chaplain Mike as it is much easier for me to write on Sunday night for a post on Monday. It gives me time to ruminate about my post throughout the weekend and allows me to better … [Continue reading...]

Easter Sunday 2020

May the risen Christ meet you, as he met Mary, on this blessed Easter Sunday. … [Continue reading...]

Holy Saturday 2020: God has been found among the dying and the dead

We sit down with tears And call to you in your tomb Rest gently, gently rest! Rest, you exhausted limbs! Your grave and tombstone For our anguished conscience shall be A pillow that gives peace and comfort And the place … [Continue reading...]

Good Friday 2020: “God lets himself be pushed out of the world on to the cross.”

Ah Golgotha, accursed Golgotha! The Lord of glory must shamefully perish here, The blessing and salvation of the world Is put on the cross as a curse. From the creator of the heaven and the earth The Earth and the air will be … [Continue reading...]

Maundy Thursday 2020: “Remembering” means present and active

Willingly I shall bring myself To accept the cross and cup, I drink as my Saviour did For his mouth, Which flows with milk and honey Has made the cause And bitter taste of suffering Become sweet through first drinking … [Continue reading...]

Wednesday in Holy Week 2020: “The crucifixion of Jesus was the most secular, irreligious happening ever to find its way into the arena of faith.”

O man, thy grievous sin bemoan, For which Christ left His Father's throne, From highest heaven descending. Of Virgin pure and undefiled He here was born, our Saviour mild, For sin to make atonement. The dead He raised to … [Continue reading...]

Is the Coronavirus Evil?

Is the Coronavirus Evil? Back on March 17th, Daniel Harrell, Christianity Today’s editor in chief, ran an article addressing this very question.  Harrell served ten years as Senior Minister of Colonial Church, Edina, Minnesota, … [Continue reading...]