August 24, 2019

Evangelical Anxieties 6: Culture

Christians always live in a culture. Sometimes that culture has been, in some way, a “Christian” culture. In most instances, Christians have existed in a culture that did not share an appreciation or endorsement of their … [Continue reading...]

We Need Both

Here's a thought I never had before, and maybe it will bring a bit of clarity to this debate over what I've written about the Bible. Cent's good pastor, Tad Thompson, points out a typical conservative SBC criticism of … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #46

Trying to teach my classes on Valentine's Day; Friends on the journey; What traditional musicians can do; A bit o' laughter. … [Continue reading...]

Chris Tilling on Inerrancy

Chris is one of the best young theological bloggers out there, and his "Inerrancy" series (which is not all that recent) is outstanding. Chris says that an inductive reading of scripture reveals that inerrancy is not the Bible's … [Continue reading...]

Mark Devine on Karl Barth

In 2001, Southern Seminary Ph.d and Midwestern Seminary theology professor Mark Devine delivered a paper to ETS on evangelicals and Karl Barth. The article is found here, or in pdf from the same site. At the Fide-o watchblog, … [Continue reading...]

In the Study: Christianity For Beginners (7 Sermons)

In The Study posts examine actual sermons I preach. These are primarily, chapel messages, preached to approximately 450 students/staff from all over the world. My goal is to provide models of evangelistic, apologetic proclamation … [Continue reading...]

C.S. Lewis and Inerrancy

This post reprints part of an article that first appeared in the Christian Research Journal, volume 27, number 4 (2004). It is an assessment of Lewis's strengths and weaknesses as an apologist and theologian. Remember that Lewis … [Continue reading...]

Evangelical Anxieties 5: The End of the World

There's not a lot that I like about the Appalachian mountain version of Christianity that surrounds me here in southeastern Kentucky, but at the top of a short list is their attitude toward the end of the world. They aren't afraid … [Continue reading...]

Ten Propositions on Certainty and Theology + a Breather

Enjoy Aaron Ghiloni's Ten Propositions on Certainty and Theology. It's good. I'm taking a couple of days off from answering mail and reading blogs. I'll post some new content here in the Evangelical Anxieties series soon. (The … [Continue reading...]

Five Reasons + Two Resources

Five Reasons I Don't Use The Term Inerrancy: 1. Inerrancy is a term that requires too many intelligent, honest Christians to violate their consciences over what they read in the text of the Bible, and no amount of "Resolving … [Continue reading...]