September 15, 2019

iMonk 101: Jesus, Tongue Piercing and The Culture War

About a year ago I wrote this piece on one-culture warrior's evaluation of the phenomenon of tongue piercing. You will find a link to another IM piece on a similar subject as well. Posts about tattoos, piercings, fashion in … [Continue reading...]

Thoughts and Review: The Unseen by Craig Wright

The Unseen by Craig Wright, March 16, 2007, Actor's Theater of Louisville, Humana Festival of New American Plays. It will probably be a long time before you have the opportunity to see Craig Wright's stunning short play, "The … [Continue reading...]

Southern Baptists and the Emerging Church: Friends or Foes?

Mark DeVine, theology professor from Midwestern Seminary (and a man who knows his Barth), has looked seriously and deeply at the emerging church and suggests some directions for SBC interaction, avoidance and further study. A … [Continue reading...]

Missional Leaders: Right There All Along?

Hmmmm. He doesn't look like he's trying to be cool. Is this the face of the controversial and misunderstood missional church leader we keep talking about? Could it be that "missional" leaders have been right there all along, … [Continue reading...]

An Example of Much-Needed Integrity: Biblical Requirements for Leadership

The issue of integrity is going to be huge in the Southern Baptist Convention in the next couple of decades. More and more younger leaders are calling for true integrity in commitment to what the Bible says, what we say and do, … [Continue reading...]

An Analysis of the Emerging Church

UPDATE: Check out the "Emeghing Remix" of the same video. OK...What a humorless crowd we've got around here. I'm not serious. This guy is, but this "analysis" is awful, though unfortunately is typical for many emerging … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #50

Finishing Romans 15:1-7. Appreciating the beauty of monastic singing and praying (courtesy of Joel Hunter and the monks of St. Meinrad). Are evangelical women writers appreciated? The first 19 podcasts are now gone. This … [Continue reading...]

Fear of Women and Their Cute, Pink Books

Forty-five men authoring books solo or with others. One female author. Two books with female co-authors. That’s the “gender” count from the new books page at a major conservative, reformed, Christian book source on … [Continue reading...]

Three Resources For A Missional Reading of the Bible

Three good resources for a missional reading of the Bible: one essay, one book, one set of questions. The essay is Notes Toward a Framework For a Missional Hermeneutic by Michael Goheen. Goheen is one of the authors of the … [Continue reading...]

Photoshopping Luther

The longer I observe evangelicals, the more astonished I am that anyone among them could, with a straight face, ever criticize the Roman Catholic church for paying too much attention to "the saints." The evangelical focus on … [Continue reading...]