February 18, 2020

Mother Teresa and the Mystery of God’s Absence

UPDATE: I am not going to publish comments claiming that Roman Catholics are not Christians. Critics- atheistic, fundamentalist, truly reformed and those too correct to be labeled- will probably go completely bonkers with … [Continue reading...]

Riffing On Me: Jared Wilson’s “The Hard Stuff of Real Lives.”

I don't usually link people who riff on my work, but I have tremendous respect for Jared at Gospel Driven Church, and his use of one of my better pieces "To Know We're Not Alone," is a real honor. Take a moment and read "The Hard … [Continue reading...]

The Eugene Peterson Book That Turned My World Upside Down

I'd read Eugene Peterson for a while in his IVP Old Testament books when I purchased and read a book on pastoral ministry called Working the Angles. Wow. No book in my library is more underlined. This is what I needed to hear … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: A Parable for our Church-Growth, Seeker-Sensitive Friends

iMonk 101 reruns posts from the IM archives. This is the first "parable" post I ever did at IM. (I actually wrote it back when I was on michaelspencer.us.) "A Parable for Our Church-Growth, Seeker-Sensitive Friends." This … [Continue reading...]

Christmas Program Resources for Your Church

My wife Denise is an excellent dramatic writer, and every year she creates wonderful Christmas programs that any church could use to put together something really classy. She's posted a free creative ministries Christmas program, … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 08:20:07: The White Horse Inn on Dying With Unconfessed Sin

The August 19th edition of the White Horse Inn contains a large segment of interviews asking people at a Christian conference what happens to a person if they died with unconfessed sin. Whatever you do, get this podcast/mp3, … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #69

Propositions and Spiritual experience, Rice endorses Hillary, Tithing. Internet Monk Radio is on iTunes Podcasts for free. Search for Monk. The Internet Monk Radio Podcast is brought to you by The Theology Program. … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Cup Apologetics 17

"Will God punish people forever in hell?" In this third segment, I suggest what we are compelled to believe and what we are still seeking to understand. Coffee Cup Apologetics now has its own website: … [Continue reading...]

Can You Give a TULIP to the Hurting?

I love the word "juxtaposition." If you don't know it, it means the placing of two things side by side. Often, the connotation refers to two things that are not usually put in proximity to one another. Because of the way I live … [Continue reading...]

What Is The Prosperity Gospel?

I've mentioned the "Prosperity Gospel" in some presentations recently, and I've had some questions about what I mean when I use the term. I'm going to outline some very basic responses- and have a little to say about them- so that … [Continue reading...]