November 17, 2019

Coffee Cup Apologetics 8

Won't any religion get you to heaven as long as you sincerely follow its beliefs and teachings? Coffee Cup Apologetics now has its own website: … [Continue reading...]

Riffs: 5:30:07: The White Horse Inn on Why We Don’t Need to be Saved + Reformed Celebrity Culture

Actually, the program is called "Why Christ Alone Saves," but the discussion quickly goes to the heart of evangelicalism's selling-out of the Gospel: we've convinced ourselves that we don't need to be saved by a bloody savior. … [Continue reading...]

What About the Flag in the Sanctuary? (Or How To Get Fired Really Fast.)

Sometime when I was in seminary, I first heard the term "civil religion" and started to understand that some people had a problem with the American flag in a church sanctuary. The flag- and its companion, the "Christian" flag- … [Continue reading...]

The Wrong Song For the People of God

[Check out the previous IM post, "With God On Our Side."] One of the results of working with international students, and especially of having them in worship services you're leading, is a new appreciation of how some commonly … [Continue reading...]

iMonk 101: Pentecost- The Third Great Day.

This is a reprint of an essay I did last year on Pentecost. Since I'll be hearing nothing about Pentecost in church tomorrow, but about Memorial Day instead, I want to be sure and mark it at home and here on the blog. For a great … [Continue reading...]

Five Good Thoughts About Evangelicals

Since I'm newly installed in my permanent pew near the back row of my local SBC church, I've been trying to think good thoughts about evangelicals. Given the history of this blog and the general tone of my thinking about … [Continue reading...]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #60

Jerry Falwell; What's on my podcast list; Are men oppressed in evangelicalism? IM Radio is on iTunes. Search for Monk and ignore the other guy. … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Cup Apologetics 7: Religion and Violence

What is the relationship between religion- particularly Christianity- and violence? Coffee Cup Apologetics now has its own website: … [Continue reading...]

Repenting of The Wrong Kind of “Male Leadership”

Here's the answer to the trivia question "What is the closest the iMonk came to becoming a Muslim?" In October of 1995, Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan sponsored what was called the "Million Man March" on the … [Continue reading...]

Interview: Scot Mcknight on Evangelicals and Marian Dogmas

UPDATE: I have gotten more mail on this than any recent piece. I just can't individually answer these letters. So sorry. I need an assistant. The reason Scot Mcknight is such an amazing gift to the church is that he is humble … [Continue reading...]