June 6, 2020

Well, well. A significant breakthrough on justification?

Well, well. A significant breakthrough on justification? This fourth edition thus represents a complete reappraisal of every aspect of previous editions, including their structure and format. Those using this work for teaching … [Continue reading...]

Tuesday with Michael Spencer: It’s going to take courage

Tuesday with Michael Spencer It's going to take courage (from a post in 2008) If the truth about Christianity turned out to be very different from what we’d been taught as young Christians by people we look up to as mentors … [Continue reading...]

The Consummate Cockburn Collection – Part One

For those who don't know Bruce Cockburn, he is a Canadian folk / folk-rock singer / songwriter / political activist, who between the years of 1970 and 2019 has released 36 albums.   There were a couple of things that first … [Continue reading...]

My Beatles Birthday

Well, it's happened. I've reached my "Beatles" birthday. … [Continue reading...]

A Lite Brunch: May 2, 2020

• • • A LITE BRUNCH: MAY 2, 2020 Perhaps we all need a bit of respite from the heaviness of this pandemic. Enjoy a laugh and perhaps shed a tear of gratitude or two  on us today. • Dedicated to all those working in virtual … [Continue reading...]

Richard Rohr on Liminal Space

Richard Rohr on Liminal Space Liminal space is an inner state and sometimes an outer situation where we can begin to think and act in new ways. It is where we are betwixt and between, having left one room or stage of life but … [Continue reading...]

What Makes Us Human?

Given the discussion last week about Adam, Noah, and the early hominids, I’d like to rerun this previous post from the book: Minds, Brains, Souls, and Gods: A Conversation of Faith, Psychology and Neuroscience by Malcolm Jeeves. … [Continue reading...]

Another Look: Waiting to Live?

Another Look: Waiting to Live? (2017) Note from CM: I went back and re-read this post from 2017 and found I could relate today. It seems like, in the midst of this pandemic, we are waiting and itching to live again. But life … [Continue reading...]

View from the (not so) front line

In a recent discussion, there was this nice note from regular commenter and friend Ted. Mike, I’ve been wondering how the crisis has affected you and your work as hospice chaplain. Will there be a blog post about it? A lot of … [Continue reading...]

Who Inspires You?

Recently on Facebook quite a few friends have been posting a series of musical Albums that have either influenced their taste in music or have been significant to them. I declined to participate, although someday I may post a … [Continue reading...]