July 5, 2020

Memories with Dad

My Dad came home from the hospital on Friday! The pharmacist delivered his medicines late that evening and commented "Jim has more lives than a cat!" It was his ninth major abdominal surgery in about the same number of years. … [Continue reading...]

Of uncles and the tapestry of life

We buried my last uncle yesterday. I am now bereft of uncles and aunts; our small family tree has been trimmed back to an even tinier size. My uncle was a Marine, a decorated Korean War veteran, Purple Heart and Bronze Star. … [Continue reading...]

Frederick Buechner: Pay Attention

Frederick Buechner Pay Attention The biblical faith says creation is of enormous importance because God created it. He made it, he sustains it, he speaks in it, he moves in it. He sent the Christ into it, who walked on it, who … [Continue reading...]

Klasie Kraalogies: On Racism, Apartheid and the Demons Within (Part 1)

On Racism, Apartheid and the Demons Within (Part 1) By Klasie Kraalogies (Before I start, let me state this: I am addressing racism as the issue I, and most people of European origin are familiar with, and rightly accused of. … [Continue reading...]

DNA and the Dead Sea Scrolls

DNA and the Dead Sea Scrolls An article at Cell.com was entitled, “Illuminating Genetic Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls” It was blogged about by RJS at Jesus Creed and at her blog, “Musings on Science and Theology”. The … [Continue reading...]

Days of Planting

Some of what I've encountered in recent days, personally, and as a hospice chaplain... I found out that two friends, husband and wife, the man a former pastor with whom I shared a ministry, were diagnosed with Covid-19. At last … [Continue reading...]

Privilege, silence, shalom, and a generational moment

Our Declaration of Independence declares that all people are created equal. It proceeds to clarify what "equality" means: we are all endowed with certain natural rights by our Creator. But, though we may all have those rights, not … [Continue reading...]

When you don’t have much to say…

When writing, I have to fight the urge to not say something when I have nothing to say... There is nothing fully formulated in my brain that is worthy of a full post, but here are a few snippets that I have been thinking about … [Continue reading...]

Excerpt from “The Sins of a Nation” (Fr. Stephen Freeman)

An excerpt from "The Sins of a Nation" By Father Stephen Freeman, Glory to God for All Things Nations (and individuals) who ignore their wounds and griefs do not leave them behind – they bring them forward and repeat their … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Brunch, June 6, 2020

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready for some brunch? The beauty of animals has always haunted and delighted us. The first artwork were cave sketches of animals. But George Wheelhouse takes a novel … [Continue reading...]