November 17, 2019

Monday with Michael Spencer: What’s in a Name?

Monday with Michael Spencer What's in a Name? (2007) Here in Kentucky, most of the Baptist Churches of a certain age have a particular approach to their names. Most choose to go the geographic route, so we have Three Forks of … [Continue reading...]

Reformation Sunday 2019: Can’t Buy Me Love

REFORMATION SUNDAY 2019 Can’t Buy Me Love (Luke 18:9-14) On this day, in our tradition, we commemorate Reformation Sunday. We recall the work of German reformer Martin Luther in the 16th century, who pointed out abuses, … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Brunch, October 26 2019

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready for some brunch? For American sport fans, this is the best week on the calendar. The NBA has started.  The NHL season began a few weeks ago. Football is going strong. AND the … [Continue reading...]

Franciscan Friday: Sentimentalizing Francis

Franciscan Friday Sentimentalizing Francis I am reading Adrian House's biography, Francis of Assisi: A Revolutionary Life, and thought today I would share some words from its introduction, written by Karen Armstrong. Like … [Continue reading...]

Evolving Faith

Evolving Faith Pete Enns had a recent post about the Evolving Faith Conference that he recently attended and spoke at.  The Evolving Faith Conference looks to me like a gathering of Progressive Christians.  See their website … [Continue reading...]

Getting Ready for Reformation Sunday

Getting Ready for Reformation Sunday Note from CM: Sorry for the delay, but I had a very busy day. I just cleaned a lot of spam out of the comment thread. • • • The Gospel reading for this week is Luke 18:9-14, Jesus' parable … [Continue reading...]

Another Look: The “Failed” Reformation

Another Look: The "Failed" Reformation Like all of us, Martin Luther didn’t always remember or apply his own theology in the face of life’s realities. The following story by David Lose illustrates this. This past summer I was … [Continue reading...]

Monday with Michael Spencer: Letting Some Air Out of the Reformation Day Balloon

Note from CM: Should be an interesting week. We just got back from Italy and I've been immersing myself in Franciscan ways. This Sunday, Reformation Sunday, will be my first week back in the pulpit at my ELCA Lutheran congregation … [Continue reading...]

Greatest Songs of My Lifetime: All Borders Vanish Here

Greatest Songs of My Lifetime: All Borders Vanish Here Our recent travels brought to mind one of my favorite songs of all time, from one of the best singer-songwriters around. Mary Chapin Carpenter's 2012 album Ashes And … [Continue reading...]

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: October 19, 2019 — Open Table Edition

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: October 19, 2019 Open Table Edition Coming back from a long trip usually takes me about three weeks to recover. This time it has been better, but it still required readjustment back into the daily … [Continue reading...]