December 3, 2020

Covid-19 Myths: What about Sweden? (Part 1)

Today I want to start looking at a few Covid-19 myths that have been endlessly repeated about Sweden. They go something like this: 1. Sweden did just fine when they decided to keep things open. 2. Sweden was able to save … [Continue reading...]

Say Goodbye to the Alpha Male

Say Goodbye to the Alpha Male The whole concept of "Alpha Male" originated in studies of wolves and the theory that an "Alpha" wolf leads a pack, and that the “Beta” males and females defer to his dominance.  The theory was … [Continue reading...]

apocalypse now?

• apocalypse now? we live these days with swabs up our noses masks covering our faces alcohol dripping from hands that hesitate to shake other hands we measure our distancing we balk at embracing we’re worried about … [Continue reading...]

Are We in the Last Days?

Question: Are we in the last days? You may have noticed, as I have, an uptick of interest in the subject of the last days recently, especially with the uncertainty of the pandemic and the election. These seem like strange days … [Continue reading...]

Reconsider Jesus – The Bridegroom and the New Wine (Mark 2:18-22)

Reconsider Jesus - A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark A devotional commentary by Michael Spencer Compiled and Edited by: Michael Bell Table of Contents The Bridegroom and the New Wine 18 Now John's disciples and … [Continue reading...]

23rd Sunday after Pentecost: The Bridesmaids

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The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: November 7, 2020

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: November 7, 2020 The Democrats' fantasy... The Democrats' reality... • • Trump's fantasy... • Trump's reality... • … [Continue reading...]

How I Correctly Predicted the Election Outcome

It has been an interesting couple of days, hasn't it! My youngest daughter Kaitlyn and I have exchanged more texts in these last two days than we have in the rest of our lives combined! Like me, she is a political junkie, except … [Continue reading...]

Why People “Fly from Facts”

Why People "Fly from Facts" Sorry for this late and incomplete posting, friends.  I just couldn’t find a science and faith article that sparked my interest, and I just couldn’t find the mental energy to dig in to something.  … [Continue reading...]

For What It’s Worth…

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