October 29, 2020

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Reconsider Jesus – Introduction: Why Mark?

Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark A devotional commentary by Michael Spencer Compiled and Edited by: Michael Bell Table of Contents Introduction: Why Mark Out of all the books in the world, why read this one? With a hundred other activities and interests to pursue, why devote your […]

Why Wearing a Mask is a Sign of Faith not Fear

Why Wearing a Mask is a Sign of Faith not Fear Matthew Pevarnik, a writer for BioLogos, has a June 10th article entitled “Walking by Faith and Wearing a Mask”.  Matt is an assistant professor of Physics at Regent University (PhD, University of California, Irvine).  He notes that Scriptures that exhort us to “walk by […]

Riffing on Richard Beck and Why God Matters

Riffing on Richard Beck and Why God Matters In a recent post at the always excellent Experimental Theology blog, Richard Beck opines that the most important question facing Christians and churches today in this pandemic is why God matters to us. He gives two examples of Christian reactions to the Covid-19 crisis that he has […]

Was Adam an Ardipithecus?

Was Adam an Ardipithecus? I’ve mentioned several times in posts about Glenn R. Morton.  Morton was an ardent Young Earth Creationist, so ardent he switched professions from work as a geophysicist working for a seismic company and processing seismic data, and went into seismic interpretation where he would have to deal with more geologic data; […]

Wednesday with Michael Spencer: “That’s my trash can in the corner, and what you’re smelling is what I finally threw out.”

Wednesday with Michael Spencer That’s my trash can in the corner, and what you’re smelling is what I finally threw out. (2009) I believe what Christians believe. It’s what my life is founded on. My Christian faith is like a map. It tells me where I am, who I am, where I’ve been, where I’m […]

A Season for Lament

What a day. I grieved to hear an Ontario grocery store worker mourn her soulmate, only 49, who worked his last day at Superstore on March 16, just a week and a half ago! Now he’s dead. For stocking groceries. We owe our grocery store workers SO MUCH! I ache for the fear of the […]

A COVID-19 update: Why schools are being closed, and large events cancelled

A lot has changed in the five weeks since I first wrote about the Corona Virus. With all the uncertainty swirling, and things rapidly changing I thought I would offer an update. One that at least offers a ray of hope. Most of this post will be about explaining the graph above, which I think […]

Scott Lencke: Lament in Silence

Note from CM: Thanks to Scott for this thoughtful reminder about the importance of lament prayers — an especially relevant topic during Lent. You can read more of Scott’s writing at The Prodigal Thought. • • • Lament in Silence by Scott Lencke The church has entered the season of Lent. This is a focused […]

How I Became a… Believer in Climate Change

From my series of posts a little over five years ago in my original “How I Became…” series, you might have thought that I embrace change quickly. After all, I have made a lot of theological changes in my life time. In fact, while I am willing to change my mind on things, it takes […]

Culture Wars Update: Why I Am Not a Culture Warrior

Note from CM: I wrote this post in 2009. I thought I would re-run it today in its original form and ask for input on how you see that things may or may not have changed. One sentence from the original post that I know is most certainly obsolete is found right in the beginning: […]