November 30, 2020

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Sex in dangerous places: A letter of advice about sex and the single Christian guy

Sex in Dangerous Places A letter of advice about sex and the single Christian guy. by Michael Spencer Dear Thomas, Thanks for your letter. Has it really been years? Perhaps I should just admit that I am a very poor correspondent, and not act like I didn’t know I have neglected our friendship. I hope […]

Midnight Shift at the Radioland Asylum

Midnight Shift at the Radioland Asylum by Eric Rigney Summary: In these articles, Eric Rigney returns from a long sabbatical fit, tanned and in fighting form.. In a two-part descent into madness, he tackles both radio preaching and bad language. You may be surprised which one he’s in favor of… • • • PART I […]

Guide For The Cussin’ Christian

Guide For The Cussin’ Christian The most detailed examination of the ethics of “cussin’” in the English language. by Eric Rigney NOTE: This is a really cool article, and would be a great piece to forward to non-Christian friends to show them that some Christians do think through issues and come out differently than the […]

Talk hard: The role of the critic in Christianity

Talk Hard In which the iMonk describes and defends the role of the critic in Christianity. by Michael Spencer In the almost four years that The Internet Monk web site has been posting my thoughts on the door of the world, I’ve received over a thousand letters. Pretty cool. And 95 percent of them have […]

I’m not a conservative Christian

I’m Not A Conservative Christian Dare I say it? I don’t need Rush, Sean or O’Reilly to tell me what’s important. by Michael Spencer When you write for public consumption, there is always that fear that someone is going to read your recent stuff, head back into the archives and announce that you have done […]

Hannah Had it Wrong (But just barely)

Hannah Had it Wrong (But just barely) A mom reveals her best-kept parenting secret by Denise Day Spencer I’m spending a lot of time in my daughter’s room these days. The clicking of the computer keyboard helps fill the space once dominated by her chatting and her laughter. A visitor could glance about this room […]

Liberty, Liberalism and Law On the Streets of Cincinnati

Liberty, Liberalism and Law On the Streets of Cincinnati by Michael Spencer I don’t want a police state anywhere in America, not even in Cincinnati. Someone might reasonably argue that a community which elected Jerry Springer as mayor needs to be watched closely, but I am not moved by this extreme example. Groups of riot-geared […]

Christ and the Public School

Christ and the Public School Let me get to the point quickly: If Christians left the public school sector – it would fall apart at the seams. Opinion you ask? No! That’s a fact! In my twelve years in an inner city, multi-racial public school I have witnessed personally the desperate need public education has […]

The China syndrome

The China Syndrome by Michael Spencer On my way out of Kentucky Wesleyan College, I took a course in the history of Asia. The capable Dr. Wayne Metz managed to get me through the torture of names I couldn’t pronounce and a formidable level of ignorance to an “A” and, more importantly, some appreciation of […]

Mariah in Oz

Mariah in Oz by Michael Spencer Celebrity might arguably be called America’s favorite religion. The amount of energy, money, time and trouble invested in the adoration of celebrities surpasses almost any public display of religion in America. Secularists and humanists may wince at the shenanigans of religious fanatics, but the sort of hoopla that accompanies […]