November 30, 2020

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Wretched Urgency II: My not-so-guilty pleasures

Wretched Urgency II: My Not-So-Guilty Pleasures In which I disagree with John Piper and defend goofing off. by Michael Spencer Note: The original “Wretched Urgency” was an essay dealing with how a fundamentalistic concern for evangelism created a spirituality of misery. This essay looks at the inability of some Christians to enjoy life’s ordinary gifts […]

Our problem with grace

Our Problem With Grace Sweat. Hand-wringing. “Yes, but…” by Michael Spencer Q. 1. What is your only comfort, in life and in death? A. That I belong–body and soul, in life and in death–not to myself but to my faithful Savior, Jesus Christ, who at the cost of his own blood has fully paid for […]

Girls tradin’ up

Girls Tradin’ Up Femininity goes out with the trash by Michael Spencer It must have been three years ago that I noticed most of the girls in my classes were anti-feminine. They didn’t just act like boys at their worst; they actually seemed to have contempt for what I associated with being feminine. So I […]

In the gay ol’ summertime

In The Gay Ol’ Summertime Gay America has left the closet, and they won’t be going back. by Michael Spencer It’s the summer of “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” and “Boy Meets Boy.” It’s the summer of debating gay marriage in the media and opinionating about newly elected gay Bishop V. Gene Robinson of […]

Gas prices: a winning issue for Republicans

Gas Prices: A Winning Issue for Republicans by Michael Spencer You can hear Republicans trembling in their cars, scared to death that gas prices are about to sink the Republican congress and the Bush Presidency. With prices reaching a new high this week, and undoubtedly headed for higher prices this summer, Republicans are terrified of […]

Gagging on free speech

Gagging on Free Speech by Michael Spencer One of the premises of the Internet Monk Web page concerns the relationship of liberalism and tyranny. From time to time, I suffer certain anxieties that the assertion of this relationship- namely that the Democratic party and its partners in crime are the instruments of tyranny- will offend […]

The boy at the beach . . . and how I killed him

The Boy At The Beach….and How I Killed Him How being fat and being me became the same thing by Michael Spencer I have a picture of myself, around 13 years old I think, standing with my mom and her brothers on the beach of a lake in Michigan. It’s a handsome photo. I’m as […]

A slow drive over the edge

A Slow Drive Over The Edge An analysis of fanaticism among evangelical Christians by Michael Spencer NOTE: Several weeks ago, I published an essay on IM on the subject of religious fanaticism. Since that time, I’ve continued to think about the subject and find more relevant–and troubling–points that need to be mentioned. If you didn’t […]

If It Looks Like an Evangelical Skunk…

If It Looks Like an Evangelical Skunk… (Or Why You Can Leave Me Behind Too) by Michael Spencer I think Jan Crouch’s hair is the darnest thing since the Tower of Babel. I think Benny Hinn is sincere, but probably unstable. I think T.D. Jakes is preaching gnosticism. TBN in general convinces me television is […]

Universalism, Lynchburg Style

Universalism, Lynchburg Style A Falwellian Theologian’s valiant struggle to not fall over the cliff by Michael Spencer Christ died for the sins of everyone. Right? Seems simple enough. When I was journeying towards Calvinism, I’ll admit the biggest bump in the road came when I discovered what that “L” in the TULIP was all about. […]