December 1, 2020

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No Room for a Pastor

No Room for a Pastor in a School Lunchroom Saw this story about a church I’m very familiar with in the town where I pastored for four years. Seems the local school board has banned ministers from eating lunch with students in the school cafeteria, and the protests are on. Rutherford Institute is on the […]

A bad man is in the house

A Bad Man Is In The House And one peace loving, non-confrontational Christian thinks we can’t ignore him. by Eric Rigney I don’t usually weigh in on political topics in this space. I prefer to leave such ruminations to the more politically savvy, such as the Monk himself. I am more of a philosophical (sometimes […]

Leave your seat, leave your sin (part 3)

“Leave Your Seat. Leave Your Sin” Part III It’s all good? Hardly. How the invitation has corrupted evangelicalism. by Michael Spencer Occasional abuse does not render a thing evil. This is common sense and evident to any reasonable person. Defenders of the public invitation are usually congenial about admitting to its abuse, yet they are […]

Leave your seat, leave your sin (part 2)

“Leave Your Seat. Leave Your Sin” Part II It’s all good? Hardly. How the invitation has corrupted evangelicalism. by Michael Spencer When I say that the public invitation isn’t in the Bible, my fellow Christians look as me as if I have just evidenced severe dementia. How could something that is so much a part […]

In love with Jesus?

In Love With Jesus? Come follow me, and I will make you all mushy by Michael Spencer Jesus, I am so in love with You -Matt Redman And I’m madly in love with You (x4) Let what we do in here, fill the streets out there. Let us dance for you (x2) All of my […]

Defeat by embarrassment

Defeat by Embarrassment Why Are Conservatives Ignoring a Slam Dunk on Immigration Reform? by Michael Spencer Imagine a political issue that could unite a conservative coalition well beyond the one that supported Ronald Reagan. An issue that bypasses questions of religion and social morality, and unites voters around a practical matter that anyone can understand. […]

Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine Firing missionaries for not signing a bad confession was a big mistake. by Michael Spencer The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 A little history Back in the mid 1980’s I was a good Southern Baptist moderate/liberal. I was in no shape, form or fashion the person I am today in my thinking about […]

Is school out for Baptists?

Is School Out for Baptists? Southern Baptists consider the benefits of dropping out of public schools by Michael Spencer “Contemporary Christianity in America has become a self-absorbed culture of protection against everything that is deemed threatening while embracing every consumer driven gimmick that comes along.” – Steve McFarland “If Baptist parents were to comply with […]

I Hate Theology

I Hate Theology Give the lawyers the day off — It’s the theologians’ turn to be the scum of the earth The moment of truth There is a moment in every torrid romance when things go badly, the magic vanishes, and one looks at the former object of desire in an entirely unsympathetic way. It’s […]

Eric Rigney: The Good Spell of Harry Potter

The Good Spell of Harry Potter by Eric Rigney Last summer I was traveling with a friend of mine, listening to the radio, when NPR broadcast a short feature on the Harry Potter books and the rapidity with which children were reading them. Being that NPR is a news organization, the producers dutifully dug up […]