November 25, 2020

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The iMonk Weekend File: 3:12:05

A story on franchised churches, a personal question that is really troubling me, and a few thoughts on “What is Faith?”

Have We Said Too Much? (About Marriage, that is)

Recently, my daughter returned from a conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. She had a fabulous time, but she mentioned something unusual. She said that every public prayer contained a request for God to guide the conference participants in finding a spouse. This wasn’t the theme of the conference, but the conference was […]

The iMonk Weekend File: 2:26:05

Some thoughts on legalism, spurred by a rather amazing Bible Study on why earrings are wrong….and more. It’s especially amazing since Jesus so directly addressed these matters so clearly in Mark 7.

Does this help?: A simple statement about the purpose and inspiration of the Bible.

If you are concerned about my views on the Bible, please read this: Setting aside general revelation (creation, nature) and experience, everything we know about the Good News of God in Jesus Christ, we know from the Bible. In fact, it is entirely right to say that the Bible’s theme- its message- is the message […]

The iMonk Weekend File: 2:18:05

I’m bringing over some BHT posts for this edition of the weekend file. First, some honest thoughts about how the “inerrancy” debate intersects with my own experience as a Christian. Then, a story from the Spencer Family Hall of Fame. Let’s just say that our Valentine’s day was….uh….memorable.

We thought he was such a nice boy…and then we found out he didn’t believe in….Inerrancy!!

Dear Sir: What a total disappointment. I do like your wisdom and passion. However, you have become too smart. May God have mercy on you regarding your responsibility to adhere to the inerrancy of scripture The discussion on inerrancy at the BHT and here at IM always fills my mailbox with mail that I can’t […]

Magic Books, Grocery Lists and Silent Messiahs: How rightly approaching the Bible shapes the entire Christian Life.

A Pentecostal evangelist visited our chapel this week, and as I listened to his uh….sermon, I reviewed in my mind some of the things that I have come to believe about the Bible and how those things now influence my faith. So I don’t know if this will impress you, but I am going to […]

A Grace I’m Not Afraid to Feel: Hope for Christians who want it all.

Step into the office, readers. The doctor is in. Today’s problem: Getting over a common malady among serious, reformed Christians. Yes, I mean that nagging split personality between believing what is true, and experiencing what is real. Is a high view of doctrine, Word and Sacrament the enemy of genuine piety and experience? Is it […]

Those Know-Nothing Evangelicals

Over the past five years I have written a number of things that build a basic “iMonk” critique of evangelicalism. If you missed the basic class, there’s no reason you should be left out. Therefore, I present….reruns of some of my better work. Let’s find out why high profile American Evangelicals have decided to go […]

Outing Joel Osteen: A Challenge to the Evangelical Blogosphere

Before you read this post, I want to ask you to read two interviews with Joel Osteen and the first part of his book. The first is at The second is at Here is the book excerpt at Amazon. Here is a long excerpt from the first chapter of Your Best Life Now […]