January 16, 2021

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The Humility Zone

Why our conflicts over the Bible and Theology may sometimes have nothing whatsoever to do with being right. Every so often, I will have a bit of an Epiphany. I wish I had written them all down, because sometimes the clarity of the moment balances weeks, months, years of confusion and I feel like I’ve […]

The Conversion Of The Evangelical Imagination

Father Andrew Greeley may be writing with a wink when he wonders if evangelicals have considered the possible irony of their current interest in movies, but the point is still well made. Secondly, it seems to me that the evangelicals slip dangerously close to Catholic idolatry when they embrace a wondrous allegory as a summary […]

Looking Away From The Darkened Sun

Chuck Colson writes a riveting piece in Christianity Today on his own dark night of the soul. The key quote (my bold): Exhausted from hospitals, two years of writing The Good Life, and an ugly situation with a disgruntled former employee, I found myself wrestling with the Prince of Darkness, who attacks us when we […]

Review: Colossians Remixed

Colossians Remixed by Brian Walsh and Sylvia C. Keesmaat. IVP, 2004. Reading, rereading, hearing, rehearing, teaching, reteaching, discussing, rediscussing….the letters of Paul and books/sermons/teaching from them. Sometimes, I become quite bored, I’ll admit. In the conservative evangelical circles I move in, Paul gets a lot of attention, and everyone assumes they understand him. He is […]

How The MegaChurch Stole Christmas (Day Worship)

Some of America’s largest megachurches won’t be open on Sunday, December 25. After multiple services on Christmas Eve, they are giving their congregations, volunteers, staffs- and thousands of twice a year attenders- the day off to spend with their families. I first saw the story of Kentucky’s two largest mega-churches cancelling services on December 25 […]

A Conversation In God’s Kitchen

I am reprinting this essay by request and in order to get it into the search engine. If I were writing this today, a few things would be changed, but it is still by best contribution in regard to my own belief about the nature of Christian scripture. Another helpful essay is “Magic Books, Grocery […]

The Christian and Mental Illness IV: Is There Mental Illness In The Bible?

Is there mental illness in the Bible? This question seeks to move us toward the question of mental illness and the Gospel. The focus of the Bible is Jesus Christ. When we talk about anything else as it is presented in the Bible, we must be aware that no matter important it might be to […]

The Book I’ve Been Waiting For: Ryken’s Bible Handbook

I’ve been teaching the Bible to high school students for 13 years, and hope to do so for many more. In that time, I’ve been looking for a particular resource, and I’ve never found it…until now. Ryken’s Bible Handbook has impressed me more than any Biblical introduction I’ve ever seen. I am enthusiastic about recommending […]

What will be the response to Paul Proctor?

Adrian Rogers, longtime pastor, preacher and denominational leader in the SBC, passed away today. A faithful Gospel warrior, he fought the good fight. But according to Paul Proctor, another deceased Southern Baptist pastor, Kyle Lake, was probably killed by God to send a warning of his judgement to the emerging church.

The “Look At Me!” Offering: Trying To Hear What Jesus Says About Public Compassion

I miss the old days. If I’m saying that, you know that the birthdays are piling up, right? But I do. I miss the old days. What old days? The old days when you weren’t obligated to tell everyone how much you cared, how much you were doing for whomever is less fortunate than you, […]