January 16, 2021

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Don Whitney and The Recovery of Reformation Spirituality

Avoiding A Theology To Kill Your Devotional Life I wrote about devotional resources that have proven meaningful to me in “An iMonkish Quiet Time.” Don Whitney is an unusual person. Not to meet or hear him, but unusual in what he’s doing with his life. Whitney is a Founder’s Movement Calvinist, who has built a […]

An Emerging Critique Worth Reading

UPDATE: Adrian Warnock comments on the “Phil and Monk” show. Worth reading. The entire transcript of Phil Johnson’s Shepherd’s Conference seminar on the Emerging Church can be found here. I’ve read the seminar twice, and here are my thoughts. I think Phil has done a great job. A solid “A-.” Considering Phil’s position and commitments, […]

Blue Like The Color Of My Face

Challenge to Critics of the Emerging Church: Don Miller makes frequent reference to Imago Dei Church. Here’s their sermon page. Have you listened to any EC preachers? Why not listen and see if the “no propositions/no truth” portrayal is true. I know that Don Miller’s writing has the potential to provoke and irritate, but two […]

Here. There. This. That.

A few notes on this and that. C.J. Mahaney’s assistant, Carolyn McCulley, sent me two books by C.J., and I’m very grateful. One is a “combined” volume of C.J.’s book on The Cross Centered Life (which my church did for Lent two years ago) and Christ the Mediator. Now combined into one volume, called Living […]

***Q & A***

Tim Challies live-blogged this “Q&A Session” with Dr. John Macarthur, and after reading it, I had some thoughts on the whole subject of “Question and Answer.” This isn’t really an essay, so pay attention for shifting gears. I’ll use a universally recognized symbol for my shifting attention span. ***I Like Question and Answer.***

The Deconstruction Project: My emerging church talk

I am speaking at an emerging worship service this weekend. I’m pretty excited. I figured out the other day that in the last 15 years, I have spoken to the same audience (different people) over 2,000 times. So any opportunity to speak to a new audience is exciting for me. In preparing, I try to […]

A Generous Catholicity

We like the creeds….except for the catholic parts. “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints…” -The Apostle’s Creed “And I believe one holy catholic and apostolic Church. I acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins;… Amen.” – The Nicene Creed I’ve been in probably 3000+ Baptist led […]

What’s Wrong With The Sermon? IV: “It isn’t practical.”

The Gospel leads us to practical discipleship, but it doesn’t create a religion of simplistic success principles. Good preaching leads to practical application without obscuring the Gospel itself. To gain some idea of the state of contemporary preaching, survey what is being preached at any ten successful megachurches in your state, or any ten churches […]


The Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s new guidelines for missionary appointment set the standard for meddling innovation. Best way to get up to speed on this story is to read this piece from the Oklahoma Baptist Paper: We’re At The Crossroads. (This post is going to discuss the current controversy regarding the IMB’s new guidelines […]

What’s Wrong With The Sermon? III: “I don’t understand it.”

The third in a series of posts examining the basics of good contemporary preaching. This post is not about people whose communication skills are too poor to get the job done. If you are ignorant, or mumble or can’t get a talk organized in any sort of comprehensible way, the road for you is clear […]