October 14, 2019

Walking the Labyrinth, part 2, by Randy Thompson

(The first part was posted Tuesday) Walking a labyrinth is a microcosm of life lived as a disciple of Jesus, a recapitulation of the Christian life as walked between hedges. It is an exercise in faith, trusting that the … [Continue reading...]

Has Science Disproved Christianity?

Has Science Disproved Christianity? In her review of Rebecca McLaughlin’s new book Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion, Jesus Creed regular contributor, RJS, discusses the question, … [Continue reading...]

Dispatch from the Bernese-Oberland: October 2, 2019

Dispatch from the Bernese-Oberland: October 2, 2019 I hadn't anticipated crying. But when our small train pulled out and headed toward Mürren, the stupefying vista that opened up in front of us literally took my breath so that … [Continue reading...]

Walking a Labyrinth to Get to a Labyrinth, part 1 by Randy Thompson

Until recently, labyrinths weren’t for me. From what I could make out, they were for people seeking that emotional warming oven known as “spirituality,” which may indeed warm but too often only leaves one half-baked.  For the life … [Continue reading...]

Monday with Michael Spencer: The Red Wheelbarrow Debate

  Monday with Michael Spencer: September 30, 2019 The Red Wheelbarrow Debate   so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. William Carlos Williams, “The … [Continue reading...]

Dispatch from Lausanne: September 29, 2019

Dispatch from Lausanne: September 29, 2019 UPDATE: Some pics from Christ Church, Lausanne. • We have been almost a week in Europe; a couple of days in Zurich and then down to Lausanne on Lake Geneva (Lac Lemon). Here are a … [Continue reading...]

Saturday Brunch, September 28, 2019

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Hungry for some brunch? As you likely know, Chaplain Mike is hobnobbing across Europe for a few weeks (i believe he is skinny-dipping in Lake Geneva today) and I volunteered to … [Continue reading...]

Why isn’t God more Obvious?

In his book, Contact, Carl Sagan satirically asks why God doesn't place a glowing cross in the sky at night to serve as irrefutable proof of Jesus' resurrection. One could just as well ask why God doesn’t set up a website, or … [Continue reading...]

Was Venus Habitable?

Was Venus Habitable? This article speculates that at some time in the past, Venus may have been somewhat temperate and could have had liquid water oceans.  Currently, the thick atmosphere is almost entirely carbon dioxide, at a … [Continue reading...]


Okay, I know you want to talk about this, and rightly so.  And since I would rather not the other posts this week hijacked in the comments thread, I am putting out a second post today. My opinion on this is no more informed … [Continue reading...]