December 1, 2020

Archives II

The iMonk archives contain everything that has appeared on the web site since it began in November of 2000. Because of some formatting issues, a few of the early articles are incomplete. For a more topical arrangement, go to the “Recent Essays” page.

Old Internet Monk Archives

Losing the Moral ABC’s: The problem isn’t just rap artists- its adults who have decided right and wrong no longer matter.

Zero Tolerance Follies: The foolishness of microscopic moral crusades, like the drinking age and persecuting the Bush girls for breaking it.

John Ashcroft and the Left’s Pathetic Case for Racism. The confirmation tactic of portraying Ashcroft as a racist is ridiculous.

Mariah in Oz: A look at celebrity and sanity.

Common Decency Butchered: The case of Linda Chavez shows how low liberals will go.

The China Syndrome: Taking one of our planes gives us practice for dealing with the Commies.

Liberty, Liberalism and Law on the Streets of Cincinnati: Protestors or thugs? Police or anarchy?

Beware the Class of 2001: Today’s youth are a surprise to both liberals and conservatives.

To Clone or Not to Clone: Cloning is no longer a joke.

Dale Earnhardt- American Hero Liberals will never understand.

Take Me to Your Leader: Senator Daschle is the Democratic Napoleon.

Preserve, Protect, Defend: President Clinton rejects the basic oath of Presidential integrity.

Somewhere in the DNC Basement: Who will run against Bush in 2004?

Education and the Painful Failure of Circular Reasoning: Why the people who messed up our schools won’t fix them.

Evangelical Skunks: The Triumph of Evangelical Tackiness. (See TBN for footnotes)

Dear Reverend Falwell: Looking for real sinners to blame for 9-11 is a waste of time.

Uncomfortable in Madison: How quaint. A Wisconsin School boards bans the pledge.

Dancing at the Fundamentalist Ball: I renounce Fundamentalism…sorta.

Gagging on Free Speech: The Brown University Paper shows us liberal intolerance at its worst.

A GOP “Don’t Forget to Remember” List (Partial): An Agenda for the new Bush Administration.

The Grown Up (partial) Why having Dick Cheney around is comforting.

We Won’t Be Fooled Again: Hillary!

Honeymoon Over– Thankfully: The Bush Administration Honeymoon is over.

Shoes Too Big to Fill (partial): Jesse is no Martin.

The Last Gasps of Literate Christianity: The Bible or Gnosticism?

Condit/Levy: Our National Train Wreck: Enough!

LOTR: Timeless, Timely and Well Told: Thoughts on a great (Christian) story and a great movie.

Conservatism Run Amuck: The Strange Case of Lionel Tate

Ricky Martin Republicans: Bush Republicans are different.

How the Media Removed All Doubt: Running Taliban Photo Ops is treason.

The Monk Who Won’t Go Away: Thomas Merton

Southern Patriots, State’s Rights and King Jesus: Liberals interpret speeches by Bush Appointees.

Why Conservatives Should Reconsider the Death Penalty: Some of my thoughts on why the death penalty isn’t always great conservatism.

Singing Praise Choruses with Barbarians at the Gate: Letting the culture go down the drain while we sing another verse. (A rant about opinionated Christianity)

A Few Monkish Predictions (for 2002) Direct from Miss Cleo.

A Little Rebellion Now and Then: The Anarchist Movement ain’t the sixties.

The Great Pumpkin Proposes a Toast: The imagination is a great gift, despite what some Christian nuts say.

Randy as We Knew Him: One of the Texas Seven crossed my path and made me think.

Rebels Without a Clue: The World Trade Protestors seem a bit lost.

Bah Humbug: Why Black liberals don’t like Condi Rice

Gas Prices: A Winning Issue for Republicans

Reclaiming Republican Economics: Reagan- not Greenspan- is my hero.

The Biggest Sap in Vermont: Senator Jeffords is an opportunist.

Shadow of the Vampire: I have Clinton Figured out. He’s the un-dead.

Martin (Sheen) Spots a Moron: A man playing President begins to lose his grip.

Respectashockability: The big business of being shocking.

Ben Stein: Conservative Boor. I thought he was witty. I was wrong.

My Final Visit to a Christian Bookstore: I give up my primary vice and my IQ is already rising.

The Tale of John and Ted: Ted Kennedy has no moral bridge…uh, platform to stand on when criticizing John Ashcroft.

This Is What Happens: My initial response to 911.

Why Do Conservatives Love Standardized Tests? Get out your pencils.

The Abiding Lessons of “Thirteen Days”: A great movie about JFK with lessons for all leaders.

I Like My Clintons A Little on the Trashy Side: Clinton relatives get in on the money game.

The End of Innocence: How the war on terrorism will change us.

My September 11, 2001: I remember the day.

The War on Terrorism Continues: After Afghanistan, then what?

Why I am a Christian: A Ten-Point Argument. I am out front about my presuppositions.

How Will Shakespeare Changed My Life: Shakespeare rescued me from a white trash existence.

To Fly Alone or Not at All. The strange flight of  Charles Bishop is more than it appears.

The Sleeping Bear Awakens: Liberals are off the floor and the fight is back on.

Ghosts of the Left. Sara Jane Olsen: soccer mom terrorism.

I Want To Be A Black Man An essay on culture envy.

Fighting Words The sellout of the Christian vocabulary is surrender without a fight.

What I Saw at the Revolution Part One of the Worship Series: on Contemporary Worship Music

The Lord is My Song Part Two of the Worship Series: on Biblically Reformed Worship

How Religious Parents Royally Screw Up Their Children We should get over the expert thing.

Lessons From the Psalms. Part Three of the Worship series. Getting past matters of style.

Defending the Dufus President. I am glad he messes up. It’s good for us.

Choosing the Better Wounds. The sex scandal in the RCC is our problem, too.

The Thing That Wouldn’t Go Away The Eternal Rosie O

Dirty Hands and a Pure Heart GWB and the reality of political compromise.

Why The Show Must Not Go On What’s Wrong with Revivalism.

Perseverance: That Most Neglected Doctrine How I learned I still might go to hell.

A Marriage Made in Hell Christian Pessimism and Muslim Extremist. Not a good combination.

And There’s More Where That Came From Liberal Baptists start their own fifth wheel seminary.

A Career in Foolishness Reflections on Thirty Years of Preaching

The Glory of the Nations How Common Grace Redeems Nationalism

Defeat by Embarrassment Why are conservatives ignoring immigration reform?

Don’t Know Much About History A modest proposal to teach history through heroism.

It Ended In Roswell The X-Files Classy exit.

Why Calvin is Cool An infomercial for Calvinism

A Letter To My Friends About TBN Why we watch. Why we shouldn’t.

The Insanity Offense Fighting terror without offending terrorists.

Raging Bull, SBC Style The embarrassing apologetics of Jerry Vines.

It’s a (Christian) Guy Thing The Internet Monk reviews PK ’02.

The Church of What’s Happenin’ Now Why America Evangelicals need the World Christian movement.

Does the Rest of the World Need the Spirit of America? A letter to my daughter.

A Path Through Those Thorny TULIPS A Peace proposal for Calvinists and Arminians in the SBC

A Sex Education Lesson A plea to return to our former ignorance.

An Appetite For Fanaticism Is it ever right to say “You’ve gone too far.”?

Christianity: Silly or Serious? I’m feeling odd and out of place.

Not Ready for the Real World Will Truthquest show what Christians are really like?

Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil Listening to a New Age funeral and hearing nothing.

Whatever Happened to the 911 Revival? We’re all really “spiritual” now- right?

Mel Gibson’s Passion What to expect when you make a movie about Jesus.

Stalking the DVD Anti-Christ The End of worship as we know it.

Throw Luther From the Train Can we save the Reformation?

Those Know Nothing Evangelicals Why high profile churches are doctrinally invisible.

“Leave Your Seat. Leave Your Sin” (Part 1) My journey

“Leave Your Seat. Leave Your Sin” (Part 2) Scripture and Pragmatism

“Leave Your Seat. Leave Your Sin” (Part 3) The corruption of evangelicalism

If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Talk About Islam Can we stop sounding like idiots?

The Strange Christmas of 2002 Despite the best efforts of Scrooges everywhere, its still on.

Why Do They Hate Us? Evangelical Christians are universally disliked. Is there a good reason?

Say Anything The Ad Man triumphs at the Church on the corner

Universalism: Lynchburg Style A Falwellian tries to not fall over the cliff of universalism.

Running Wounded A highly personal journey into our marriage.

In the Bedroom Michael Jackson and The Erosion of the Moral Soul

To Be Or Not To Be. Most of my friends are young earth creationists. Why I’m not.

A Slow Drive Over the Edge An analysis of religious fanaticism.

Wretched Urgency The grace of God or hamsters on a wheel?

Those Magnificent Young Men And Their Pastoring Machines The modern ministry takes off.

The Piper Project Contemporary Calvinism’s rebel son is making his mark.

Signs I’m weary of the weirdness among evangelicals.

In Love With Jesus? Follow me, and I will make you all mushy

Bad Medicine Firing missionaries over a bad confession was a big mistake

I Have My Doubts The many reasons I don’t believe.

So Long Ago, When CCM Wasn’t Awful What was Larry Norman doing making such great music

I Am Not A Conservative Christian Rush and Sean get hours. Scripture gets minutes. Why?

In The Gay Old Summertime Gay America comes out of the closet and won’t go back.

Death: The Road That Must Be Traveled Accepting that I will die is a struggle.

A Growing and Awkward Silence I miss talking to my Pentecostal/Charismatic friends.

Occasional Missionaries; Accidental Tourists The whole mission trip phenomenon needs a fresh look.

Moses Wannabes Moses is the next big thing among evangelicals.

A Truth Too Simple Racism isn’t hard to solve.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin Definitions Liberal Christians and their magic tricks

Rick Warren’s Scary Movement: A Rant The Pop, The Fizz, The Purpose-Driven Biz.

Wretched Urgency II: My Not-So-Guilty-Pleasures Enjoy life at your own risk.

Looney Tunes The goofy theology of the Praise and Worship movement.

Sigmund’s Last Laugh How compatible are Christianity and Psychology?

I Found Heaven at 96.1FM I can only imagine what non-Christians are thinking about Mercy Me’s song.

The Little Brothers of Saint Archie Bunker How to argue theology until no one but the cows come home.

Talk Hard The Role of the Critic in Evangelical Christianity

A Young Person’s Guide to the Book of Revelation

Dr. StrangeLiturgy How I wound up with friends in high church places

Yo Ho Ho A Papist’s Life for Me? Could Evangelicalism drive me straight into the arms of Rome?

The Boy At the Beach…and How I Killed Him How being fat and being me became the same thing.

The “Who Killed Jesus?” Controversy Part 1 in The Passion series

Jesus Fifteen Minutes What happened when Jesus suffered? (Part 2)

A Conversation in God’s Kitchen Let’s think about the Bible. (My Favorite IM essay.)

Our Problem With Grace Grace is dangerous stuff

On Christless Preaching Sermons without Jesus at all.

I Hate Theology Want some books?

The Pope Needs A Business Meeting Rick Warren needs Baptist Boot Camp

Is School Out For Baptists? Some Southern Baptists want to close the Public Schools

Out of Business With God Transactional Christianity doesn’t appeal to me any more

The Fight For Sola Fide The tinkerers be damned.

Girls Tradin’ Up What’s wrong with femininity?

The IM Interview: Telford Work First in a series

The Boat in the Backyard Growing up around depression

When I am Weak Weakness needs its place in our spiritual journey

The Suicide Questions Just what it says

Politics East of Eden Political Messiahs are not our savior

Sex in Dangerous Places A letter to a young man