October 24, 2020

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Evening Psalm

God, our Upholder, how vast is your signature over all the earth. It reflects your glory in the heavens. From the mouth of infants and nurslings you have made a foundation of strength—to oppose those who oppose you, to bring the enemy and person of vengeance to a halt. When I behold your name in […]

Morning Psalm

God, you are for us a strength and shelter—in times of affliction, you are found everywhere we look. And so we won’t be afraid at changes of the earth, when mountains tumble into the heart of the sea or waters rage with tumultuous froth; the peaks quake in awe of your presence. Selah. A river—its […]

Quotes For Lent

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness Quotes For Lent On one such occasion the Shepherd said to Much-Afraid, “When you continue your journey there may be much mist and cloud. Perhaps it may even seem as though everything you have seen here of the High Places was just a dream, or the work of […]

IM Book Review: The Complete Psalms

So the first question we must ask is: Do we really need another new translation of the Psalms? If you are a scholar looking for word-for-word accuracy or you are going into philology, then Pamela Greenberg’s The Complete Psalms: The Book of Prayer Songs in a New Translation is definitely not for you. But if you […]