January 24, 2021

Yellow Mountain Imports

This post will win the award for having the least to do with anything theological.

I’m a chess player (bad) and a collector of chess sets (good.) Since the TV is gone, I’m taking a second look at the board game situation, and I got interested in learning Chinese Chess, and maybe Go, and so I was poking around some recommended import sites that carry games….

And I came across Yellow Mountain Imports. Their games look outstanding, and the prices are incredible. Take a look at the Chess sets with Chinese and other historic characters. (Not the sets for Chinese Chess. That’s another game.) Look at the traditional sets and the other games. Then compare the prices. Shipping is a bit steep on small orders, but basic prices are excellent.

If you like to give unusual games as gifts, this may be a site you’ll want to explore. When I get the sets I’ve ordered, I’ll sound an alarm if there are problems, but if you like games life Chess, Go, Backgammon and other imported games, check this out.


  1. Love the Babushka chess set. What a cool site. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Ky boy but not now says

    “and I got interested in learning Chinese Chess, and maybe Go”

    Are you sure you have enough years left in your life to learn to be a so so Go player? 🙂

    I’m a game player. Reasonably serious that most of my friends don’t like to play with me because I always play to win. My “serious” gamer friends were/are into Go. I wasn’t even close to being in their league and they thought of themselves as being rank amateurs.

    But don’t let me stop you. This will certainly fill up the time saved by dropping TV.

  3. I ordered a Backgammon set for my mom a couple years ago. Love it! Beautiful set and holds up well. Definitely recommend them.

  4. Jeremy Hoover says

    iMonk, you might as well go all the way and look up some of these games at http://BoardGameGeek.com. It’s a great resource for discussion and learning about boardgames in general, and the discussions for XiangQi, Chess, Go, and even Shogi are very interesting.

  5. If you’re interested in learning to play Go, I can’t recommend Janice Kim’s _Learn to Play Go_ series of books highly enough:


    It’s one of the few Go books written specifically for English speakers.

    Days of Wonder


    makes some great family board games. One of our family favorites is Ticket to Ride:


    If you’re interested in World War II, you need to check out Memoir ’44:


    It is not one of those overly complicated war games that takes hours to set up and play and has a rule book the size of a small encylopedia. You can pick up the game in a about an hour, and most scenarios take 30-45 minutes to play. It strikes the perfect balance between historical accuracy and playability.

  6. Just for Quix says

    Thanks for the site recommendation, iMonk.

    I wish they had higher quality Japanese mah-jong sets, but the shogi and go sets look quite nice. Would love to have a floor go table some day, but not till I have the money to outfit the room in tatami mats, too!

    Here’s a shout out for BoardGameGeek, too!

  7. So why is everything in life supposed to have theological relevence?

  8. YMI is a very good company, they have a very loyal following in the Go community– not many companies import good Go equipment. Personally, I’ve ordered several Go sets and two Mahjong sets from them. 🙂 I’ve never needed to talk to their customer service dept, but I hear it’s excellent.

  9. Seems like a good time to plug Go, my favorite game, so…

    Learn the rules: http://playgo.to/interactive/

    Play with a computer: http://eidogo.com/#gnugo-9

    Play with other people: http://www.gokgs.com/

    Find local players (in the US): http://usgo.org/


  10. Jarred Bridges says

    Michael, if you want to talk about board games, you need to check out Settlers of Catan, or to the true hardcores….Settlers. It is a fantastic game that requires lots of strategy and a bit of luck. If you play it once, you’ll be hooked for life. My wife and I have literally sat at our dinner table with friends and played for 8 hours straight before. Talk about no life! Check it out though, if you haven’t already. Cheapest place is probably amazon.

  11. Nice site! I know a couple of people to whom I can give those as gifts.

  12. Back off role playing game people. 8 hours of games at my age? Not unless there are several nap breaks.

    I actually enjoy chess because most people aren’t any good, the boards are cool, you always improve by playing, there’s no chance element and computers are very helpful. Most games are over in under 50 moves and less than 40 minutes.

  13. Nice site – thanks for the links, iMonk and all.

    I really want to learn to play mah jongg (Chinese style, not American).

  14. Oh come on. Don’t be so old! Haha. Just so you know, the average game only lasts about 1 hour in Settlers and there are many sites online that allow you to play other people from all around the world. Games are even short online. I really think you’d have fun. Don’t write it off!!!:-)

  15. I own a go board and go stones that I received from YMI. They’re fantastic quality and I recommend the company highly. I’d recommend starting to learn Go with a 9×9 board and then the 13×13 board before trying the full size 19×19 board.

  16. Take a look at this site:


    Nice to look at….

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