October 29, 2020

Yaconelli Tribute

As a young youth minister, no one influenced me more with his HONESTY and his JESUS than Mike Yaconelli. He would have been 65 years old today. I miss him and his messy spirituality. He was responsible for much of the good – and some of the bad- that’s happened in evangelicalism the last 20 years. I miss his version of the Door and his incredible back page editorials. There’s no one I wanted to be more like. Rest in Jesus, Mike.


  1. I never knew Mike Yaconellli and his messy spirituality, but I appreciated getting to hear this compilation. The statement towards the beginning, “In the church, we are safe to be weak”, pretty much sums up my walk with Jesus right now. Weak and getting weaker, but safer than I ever imagined (and learning more every day about the what the semantics of safe does and does not include). I have more questions than I do answers, and not much confidence how or if I’m going to be able to cope with all the things I’m facing, which show no sign of letting up any time soon. But I do have a growing confidence that it is safe for me to be weak, and that God’s faithfulness will not stop at the line of my coping or not. Various of your posts and essays have helped me as God continues to stretch my thinking in this area as well as grow my trust. Thank you.

  2. I miss Mike too…..

  3. Wow, I never heard of him, I wish I had

  4. I too am sorry that I had never read or heard from Yaconelli. Wow he said a lot in this piece. Thanks

  5. Ditto Michael!