January 21, 2021

William Paul Young (author of “The Shack”) on Steve Brown, Etc.

UPDATE: Here’s an example of what Young is writing at his own blog these days.

I cannot tell you how important it is for you to go listen to this interview. If you’ve read The Shack and wondered how the story expresses the faith journey of the author, this is the interview you are waiting for.

William Paul Young on SBE.

Absolutely amazing story, with the beauty of the Gospel everywhere. That a bunch of the TR community will hate on this book because, as Steve says, their underwear is too tight, is a real shame. Those of you who read and thought, “I am reading a journey inside someone’s own experience of The Great Sadness,” will be doubly rewarded.

Steve also has Paul Young’s web site linked, and there is more material on Young’s journey there.

Please, listen to this story. It will change completely the way you hear the idea of going to “The Shack” and it will make Mark Driscoll’s ridicule of that image truly sad.


  1. He also gave a very moving hour-long interview on the Drew Mashall show on April 26th.


  2. Michael, why do you think that when you write a post such as this one, no one comments? It puzzles me. People are so vocal on other topics but one such as this leaves your pages cold.

    There is such a message of grace in what you are referencing here. I hope many really do follow your links. I can sense a change in you since you did and it seems huge to me.

  3. I thought it was a beautiful interview…I love the insight that comes from hearing directly from an author about his/her background, influences and such.

    From the related thread I’ve been sitting on the idea of discouraging the book for the sake of protecting those who are theologically naive and might be basing their spiritual worldview on this (or any other) work of fiction. It sounds arrogant to me to say “hey we know what’s going on but we’d better tell those guys over there to stay away from it.” And I don’t think it solves the problem…if they really are that weak, they’ll just look for the next thing. Better to engage, offer input and guidance, but leave some room for the Holy Spirit do his work also in the way of discernment and protection. There’s a big difference between “this is bad; stay away” and “this is a good picture, but remember it’s not the Bible” (like the author himself said).

  4. I’ve had the pleasure of having Paul on my show twice. The second time we had him for the full hour, and you can go listen to the archive by clicking on this link:

    He’s a very engaging an honest man, and again, let’s all pay attention to genre – It’s FICTION.

    We look forward to getting you booked on the show, Michael! You did a great job with Steve. He’s a blast, isn’t he?

  5. Jeff Moore says

    Michael, I heard you on the Steve Brown Etc. program. I also heard Paul Young. I read his book and recommended it to Erik (Steve’s producer). I was completely moved by this book. I too can’t figure out what the total cricism is about and the slamming of the book. I like Mark Driscoll’s teaching, and I heard his comments about The Shack in one of his messsages. The comments were such that I wondered if he had read the book at all. I think that if people would follow what Tal Prince said in the above comment that everyone would be better off. I wonder if CS Lewis got this kind of criticism with The Narnia series?

    To be sure, there is a lot of junk out there that probably isn’t worth commenting on. I find that most of it is in the Christian self-help books.

  6. Paul,
    I read the book following your interview on Life Today. I don’t have enough room to tell you how many things this bool touched in my understanding and heart for God.
    I would like to share one of the tings that hit and shattered my own feelings of inferiority and condmnation over my own failures on a daily basis: When the Holy SPirit explains to Mack that if God knows it takes 42 times for us to “get it” and we’re only on #(fill in the blank), He is not disappointed or frustrated with us, He is rejoicing that another time is down and we only have #(fillin one less number!) to go!
    That perspective not only is helping me to be less legalistic with myself but iis teaching me to grace others with that same lee-way!
    Thank you!!

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