January 22, 2021

What’s pathetic about this interview

What’s pathetic about this interview with Mel Gibson aren’t his answers- which are simple, not particularly eloquent, and nothing we haven’t heard before- but the brutally stupid questions Dianne Sawyer was asking. I almost typed “Have they no shame?” but that is a laugh line.

Al Mohler nailed all this in his killer review of the Newsweek cover story on “Who Killed Jesus?” What is up is this: The New Testament can’t be correct because if it is, it might incite anti-Semitism. You know, there aren’t many bigger supporters of Jews and Israel than me, but when you can’t even have a discussion of the most well known text in the Western world without saying “Oh– we can’t offend the Jews!” it’s gotten bad. How many Jews are offended? Apparently only the ones who run the Jesse Jackson-type organizations that have to stay offended to keep the contributions rolling in. Something tells me that the average Jew could read the Gospel of Mark or even John and say, “Yeah…sounds like some people I know.” I mean, if I can say that as a Christian about the religious leaders I know, how far off could they be from seeing the same point? (Yes— I just said that Christians could not be trusted if Jesus showed up in a country they were running. So what?)

And then I’m confused about whether liberals are for the Jews or against the Jews? Can someone give me a helpful chart to navigate this? One minute it’s burning synagogues in Europe and the next it’s “Oh No. Gibson said some OTHER people died in WWII besides Jews! Ack! He’s an anti-Semite!”

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