September 23, 2020

What’s On My iPod?

ipod nano b.jpgWhat’s on My iPod? Podcasts mostly.

Here are a few of the things I enjoy on my iPod Nano these days. Almost all of these programs are available via an iTunes search, so I’m only providing links to those that aren’t on iTunes. I don’t get to take all these programs in, but these are what I download and check on.

NPR “Shuffle” is an eclectic selection of stories from NPR’s All Things Considered. It’s about 25 minutes long. Almost always something I can use in my preaching on this program. I also listen to NPR’s previews of new classical and new celtic music (“Thistlepod”.) Both programs are about 10 minutes.

I also listen to the NPR weekly movie podcast “Take Two!” If you are a movie fan, you will really enjoy this weekly survey of a theme or kind of film.

I enjoy a weekly music program out of Omaha called “Revolution 21.” Very eclectic with quite a bit of 70’s music.

I love the Grammar Girl’s weekly podcast. Always useful help for writers, teachers and anyone speaking English.

I enthusiastically look forward to a daily podcast from Dick Staub called “The Kindlings Muse.” Eclectic interviews and programs on many issues of interest to readers of IM.

Garrison Keillor’s daily “Writer’s Almanac.” Information about famous writers and poets, plus a daily poem. About 5 minutes.

Greg Koukl’s “Daily Stand to Reason Podcast.” About 3 minutes. Also Chuck Colson’s daily “Breakpoint.”

I have several preaching programs: Mosaic, The Village (Incredible), Mark Driscoll, John Piper, Alistair Begg (solid and enjoyable), Holy Trinity Brampton (excellent), Andy Stanley (outstanding), The Journey St. Louis. I don’t listen to them all, but try to choose the ones that are the most interesting to me.

Patrick Morley’s Weekly Men’s Bible Study ministers to me. Well done. 30 minutes.

Michael Card’s Weekly “In the Studio” podcast is a favorite. About an hour of teaching and music. Michael is simply the definition of classy.

The Ken Myers podcast called “Audition” is some of the best of the Mars Hill interviews. So far, these programs are monthly.

Relevant Magazine has a weekly podcast that goes along with the magazine. This is an hour, but would be better as 30 minutes.

I try to catch an hour of Dave Ramsey’s program as often as I can.

I listen to Al Mohler occasionally when he isn’t talking about marriage or politics, which isn’t very often. I almost always catch his “Ask Anything Wednesday” program.

There are some PCA Presby boys with a monthly podcast called “Ordinary Means.” It’s well done and interesting.

I…uh….also….uh….listen to uh…IMRadio….uh….just for uh…fun.

Music on my iPod these days: Van Morrison, Phil Keaggy, Jill Phillips, Jonny Lang, Gordon Lightfoot, The Afters.

I’d love to be able to hear Dr. Tim Keller’s sermons on a podcast, but so far, this doesn’t appear to be available. I also wish the White Horse Inn was on iTunes. Come on guys. I’m tired of that OnePlace registration.


  1. Ooh. Gordon Lightfoot. I like him.

    Gordon Lightfoot is the Canadian version of Bob Dylan–except that he can sing. Gordon Lightfoot doesn’t get a lot of props here these days. Too bad.

  2. Wow, our podcast subscriptions look remarkably similar Michael. I don’t know what I’d do without them (2 hours of commute every day). I didn’t know about Card’s. Will have to check that one out right away.

    Lots of good stuff on NPR if you are willing to wade through some of it (fast forward). I also enjoy Podictionary, Doug Wilson’s sermons, and The Economist weekly.

    Thistlepod drives me nuts though. This 5-minute preview is the very epitome of a lame podcast. I absolutely love the Thistle and Shamrock radio show, but I wish the whole show could just be listened to on demand. I always have trouble catching it locally on Sunday evenings here.

  3. chrisstiles says

    If you don’t mind listening to people with ‘funny accents’ and no RSS feeds, the sermon database (free with registration) at All Souls can be quite useful – they’ve had a number of very good teachers down the years, and it’s searchable via book/passage:

  4. WOOHOO!!! Gordon Lightfoot rocks!

    Um…anyway, thanks for this list. I was just about to do a post asking what people are listening to, ’cause I’m looking for more quality podcasts.

  5. Keaggy rocks if you’re into instrumental (I am). For the science geeks out there, Brain Food is excellent. looks like a cool spot to get free audio books a chapter at a time via RSS – only obscure authors looking for visibility, though. Still, some are pretty good. I travel all over the state of Pennsylvania for my job & really enjoy having an iPod. Right now Ravi Z. is my spiritual food podcast. I also love Ray VanderLaan’s teaching from the “Follow The Rabbi” web site, but those messages must be purchased.


  6. Michael [Card] is simply the definition of classy.

    Not that I needed another reason to like you, iMonk. 😉

    And for the unitiated and/or unaware, Card has always felt that his gift/calling was teaching — it’s just that for many years that was expressed in musical form. The radio show (which is podcast) gives him a (partially) non-musical outlet.

  7. sixsevenfive says

    A couple of years later: would you mind doing an update on this post? I’m interested in which podcasts you’re tuning in to now.

  8. sixsevenfive says

    Uh, you can tell how far behind I am on my RSS feeds. Yesterday I asked for an update on this post; today I see you basically did that a few days ago with ‘What I’m reading, watching and listening to these days’.

    But what are the odds?!