January 17, 2021

Peyton Manning, Frontman

Oh Peyton, we are going to miss you.

As we in Indianapolis mourn the departure of Peyton Manning, we here at Internet Monk wondered if Jesus might have an opinion about it. Then we found this conversation from last fall, when our Colts were getting their brains beat out with Peyton on the sidelines.

As usual, Jesus speaks divine wisdom.

From the funny and creative folks over at Radio Free Babylon.



  1. Jesus: “Yeah, Peyton was getting a bit long in the tooth, so for the sake of Indy’s future I decided to drop kick him through the goalpost of life.”

  2. sarahmorgan says

    Nice to know Jesus and I share the same opinion of Michael Hutchence. 🙂

  3. Andrew Luck will be a great QB for Indy for many years.

    Wishing Peyton all the best, wherever he ends up. He was awesome at Indy for all those years.


    PS – A link to a NEW, Christian blog and daily devotional site :



  4. You should have seen the buzz when Manning flew into Denver to meet with Bronco execs, i.e. How dare they even consider replacing God’s anointed with Manning. It’s strange how church is all about business and sports are supposed to be about religion.

  5. Manning Schmanning…..oh wait…. he could end up with the Cowboys. That is to say, “Go Peyton. You da man! Who da man? You da man.”

  6. Did anyone hear about the huge tip he gave a waiter in Raleigh, NC, who took a picture of it and put it online, then was fired?

  7. Man, I could scroll through the “Coffee with Jesus” strip all day long. The humor is SO refreshing.

  8. I’m about halfway through my New Geneva Bible with Waltke as a commentator. I must say he has an amazing grasp of the obvious and an uncanny ability to re-state what’s already been said, only with less information. He is silent on anything resembling controversial topics and takes no stance on doctrinal issues.

    Previously I read McArthur’s study bible and thought he was guilty of sidestepping difficult passages, which he is, but Mr. Waltke is in a class all by himself in this category. I am not surprised he fell to such a simple deception in evolution, with so much science readily available to anyone willing to take the time to research it.

    Like his commenting, Mr. Waltke just doesn’t take the time to get the facts in life.

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