August 10, 2020

What Belongs to All of Us (3)

redemption.jpg“What Belongs to All of Us” is exactly what it says.

Colossians 1:12 …giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. 13 He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, 14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

: The work of the Father is the focus of this passage. Paul invites all Christians to worship the Father for what he has done for his family. He has taken the orphans and offscourings of the universe, the disenfranchised, the no-names and the worthless, taken them and qualified them for the inheritance of the saints, God’s holy ones who live in God’s light. An inheritance is always received, in this case from the same Father, and indisputably belonging to all of his children. With his name and his son’s blood on the paperwork, no accuser or enemy can take away this inheritance.

The motif changes, now to deliverance. Here is a Father whose children are captured and held prisoner in a dungeon of darkness. But this Father does not forget them. In their darkness and chains, all men may forget them, but God does not. They may be humiliated, but he is the lifter of their head. He comes and delivers the slave and the captive in free grace. He sets the prisoner free. The Father sends a rescue force captained by the Lord Jesus Christ into the darkness of a spiritual Mordor and delivers us from the forces of spiritual darkness and sin’s captivity.

Now all of those loved, adopted and rescued by the Father are transferred into a new Kingdom. Their chains are replaced with freedom. The Son of God is more than a liberator; he is a King who reigns over the Kingdom of his love. This is the Kingdom of light, the home of the saints made complete in Jesus’ liberation and love. We are triumphantly brought into this new Kingdom, with all the rights and privileges of citizens and sons/daughters. As the children of the Father, gifts and trophies of his Son, Jesus, we have seats of honor at his table.

No matter how we are treated in the Kingdoms and prisons of this world, the Kingdom of the Son is our true home. Our names may be despised and forgotten, but they are known to our Father and our King. He never forgets our faces. We are always before him. In Jesus we have redemption from slavery and forgiveness of the sins that gave the evil one right and power over us in the first place. Our identity, our inheritance and our deliverance are all sure in Jesus.

This belongs, completely, to all of us who trust in Jesus to save.

Prayer: Father, your salvation is a great salvation. It is never just one thing, but reveals itself eternally as gift within gift within gift. I worship you that you would give me a single thought, and kneel in praise and worshipful prayer for the abundance of blessings revealed in your salvation. I especially praise you for the sure and certain promise that this story of redemption, adoption, rescue, delieverance and forgiveness becomes the story of all those who belong to Jesus. He has given to us this salvation by giving us himself. It is all him, and he is ours in his fullness. As he is beloved by you, so we are loved in him, secure in him, forever yours in him. So in Jesus I pray.


  1. Michael, I’ve always thought you were a good writer, but this series is something special. Tremendous presentation of the Gospel. These installments have been reminding me of the heart of God’s love towards me, and that’s something I need to hear more often. Looking forward to more.

  2. Is this how you get salvation?

    Both of these guys work for a semi-famous church in the Atlanta area. Their supervisor called a meeting of all of his direct reports and gave them their quota/mission for the month. They needed to get 100 baptisms by the end of the month or there would be no financial rewards. In addition, they needed to use the following tactic to make it happen. They were to use Ipods and other gadgets to coax people into being baptism. The goal, as it was conveyed, was to get 100 people baptized by whatever means necessary.

    Just wondering.

  3. Michael,

    Again, thank you for this series. I hope that you turn it into a devotional book.

    Terry, unfortunately I’ve seen something similar elsewhere. And in a state Baptist paper that I subscribe to, baptisms is one of the marks of a successful church. (That and giving to a specific denominational program)

    I think that we should pray not only for the leaders who are involved with this push for baptisms, but also those baptized.