September 21, 2020

Welcome to the NEW Internet

newThanks to a lot of hard work by Joe Stallard, the new Internet Monk is coming on line tonight. Plenty of bugs and minor matters to attend to, and I can’t promise that we won’t need to go off the air briefly, but here we are.

Please notice that the Primary post is now larger than all secondary posts. Recommended ministries and sponsors are easy to find. Amazon Wish list and Pay Pal are easy to see.

All RSS, podcast and comment feeds can be found on the sidebar, in the meta and at the bottom of the page. Facebook, Twitter and iTunes subscriptions are all available at the bottom of the page.

The Archive tab contains IM by the month and the last 100 posts. This is useful to many of you, I think. Also, comment threading is now enabled.

Once again, thanks to Joe and welcome.


  1. It looks good, Michael. I hope it works out well for you.

  2. Looks like comment threading is online.

    • dubbahdee says

      What is this? I can reply to a specific comment? COOOOLLLL!!!!

      • I tried to do this replying to a specific comment thing at my site, and lots of people hated it. But I love it.

        And Gravatars rock.

        • I can see it when reading the comments to a post for the first time.


          How can I turn it off. As someone who comes into the site 0 to 4 times a day finding new comments that are threaded intermixed with 100 others is a wee bit hard. Actually it’s not worth the hassle. Is there a way to just view the comments by time?

          • Not from your end, no. It’s an all or nothing from my end. The latest main comment to the post will be at the bottom, not the latest threaded.

          • Sorry but there’s no reply button on your (iMonk’s) comment.

            “The latest main comment to the post will be at the bottom, not the latest threaded.”

            Sorry but I don’t understand this sentence. Likely I’m being dense but I need help understanding what you mean by “latest main comment”.

  3. dubbahdee says

    Nice look. Very fresh. Still monkishly brown, but manage to look fresh anyways. Not easy to pull off. Great content beautifully presented. What more can one ask for?

  4. Looks good!

  5. Nicely done.

  6. Derek Smith says

    This looks great.

  7. Testing…testing…is this thing live?

    Having recently re-done my site I know the frustration, decisions and time it can take.

    Well done….OK, medium rare. 🙂

  8. Hey, this is pretty sweet. Gravatars are enabled, too? Then my shining face ought to be here soon to cheer up all your visitors. Heh. I’m tired. I think I’ll go work on some code, always good for the nerves.

  9. Jenny Bluett says

    Well done, kudos!

  10. I like the new look. It will take some getting used to, but the new design seems very polite and well mannered. I changed “looks” a few a months ago, and your exact words were that the Master’s Table looked “clean.” This does too; I’m a big fan of clean. has come a long way since this:

    You’re not going to quit your job and blog full time are you?

  11. Very nice, Michael. It’s always great to see an elegant new design spiff up one of my favorite websites. I’m thinking our ad no longer fits your layout and we’ll have to go a bit more horizontal just to keep up!

  12. I’m enjoying the new look, it’s very well done, and comment threading offers a new paradigm, for better or worse. I prefer only one level deep of replies, but it definitely offers the opportunity to siphon off side discussions (again, for better or worse.)

  13. Very nice! In the inimitable words of Dumb and Dumber, I like it, I like it a lot!

  14. Just dropping in to make sure the wheels didn’t fall off and want to say thanks to everyone for the compliments. Really appreciate the nice reception for the redesign.

    It’s been a kick working with Michael on this.

  15. Cleaner, more modern, but still reminiscent of the old design. I like it.

  16. ………yeah…i like it….but let me get in here and kick the tires so to speak……is there really some sort of “trap door”..?

  17. Thumbs up!

  18. Jon Bartlett says

    Looks good!

  19. Blinded me… with science!

  20. Rob Grayson says

    Looks really good, Michael. As some others have said, I like the fact that you’ve kept continuity with the banner and colour scheme while shifting to more of a “Web 2.0” look with the white background, two columns on the right and various links etc. in the footer. Great stuff.

  21. Rob Grayson says

    Only one question – how do I get my mug shot on there? I don’t seem to be given any option of uploading a photo.

    • My photo showed up without my doing anything to make it appear. I have it on Facebook and I think on Theologica, so maybe whatever it is that “runs” Theologica runs Michael’s new website, so that my photo showed up automatically.

      I like that your website has a “clean” look, Michael. So many websites are so “busy” and I don’t like to look at them.

    • Rob –

      Go to and upload an image. The image will appear on any site that has this feature (tied to your e-mail address).

      • Rob Grayson says

        Joe –

        Thanks for the explanation. I’ve been and uploaded a gravatar, so hopefully should be cooking now…

  22. Looks great!! Thank you – and can you also remove the grey background from The Boar’s Head Tavern site? Please make that one readable, too!

    • BHT won’t be changed. We’ve addressed that background issue several times. Sorry. I use 4 different monitors and don’t have a problem but I understand some monitors do have an issue. Very sorry.

  23. Fonts

    It appears you’ve switched from specifying sans-serif or not specifying anything to specifying serif fonts. Please change to not specifying. Serif fonts are hard to read on most displays compared to sans-serif. And why many browsers default to serif I always switch to a default of sans-serif. I spend 4 to 12 hours a day reading on a computer and need something that doesn’t wear out my eyes. Switching to not specifying this attribute will allow us to set the default to what we like (and really need.)

    Thanks for your consideration

  24. GratefulForGraces says

    Great avatar, iMonk! Made me laugh this morning. 🙂

  25. I like it Michael. Thanks for daily tweaking my brain and soul with the balance of theology and praxis you represent. Your new look is a great example of balance.

  26. Testing the gravatar business

  27. Michael, I have noticed in the past that some commenters are able to italicize and bold and underline their writings, but I don’t see any way to do that, so even though I know that the title to a book should be italicized or underlined, I have used quotation marks around the title since I can’t do the correct thing. Do folks have special software that lets them do this? I know some HTML code, but I haven’t used it to make things bold or underlined or whatever because I can tell that some people tried that and it didn’t work because you see their code. Please forgive me while I just try this out. I am going to try the HTML code to make the word “bold” actually be in bold. I will then see if you see my code or the actual effect of my code. Here we go: bold

    Posting now and will see what happens.

  28. Well, hey, it worked! So for now on I will use the HTML codes I know. Happy, happy, joy, joy. I am a simple person and am pleased by simple things.

    I am thrilled!

    Let’s make that thrilled! 🙂

  29. Very well done. The background as displayed on my mobile phone no longer obscures the fonts. I also can post from my phone now. Thank you for your high standards of excellence.

  30. Very snazzy! I like the clear background, and though it’ll take me a while to get used to the different setup, there’s nothing awkward or deliberately obscure on here.

  31. Great layout! I especially like the dedicated comment thread feature. It could take forever to sort through eight threads all mixed together. Much better.

  32. How do we get our avatar to show up?

    • Steve – just upload your image to It will be linked to your e-mail and anytime you post a comment where gravatars are activated, it will display.

  33. Load time hasn’t slowed and looks great too.

  34. Broken links

  35. Love your gravatar.

  36. Michael or webmaster:

    I noticed at the bottom of the page the link “NEXT PAGE” takes me to the front page again, ad infinitum. The address line updates page numbers each time, but the front page always shows.

  37. At the bottom of the screen is the “Comments RSS” option. If one suscribes to it and uses an RSS feed reader, then all new comments will come in to the reader. I love that!

  38. iMonk,
    Is there a reason your RSS feed switched from full article text on the old layout to just a paragraph or so on the new page? I really much prefer full text RSS feeds. I’d be curious why that change was made.


  39. I’m getting full pages in bloglines Josh. I’ve forwarded your request to Joe.

  40. Thanks. I’m using Google Reader if that helps at all.
    Otherwise, I love the facelift. It looks great.

    • Josh – during the changeover, we also did some upgrades. Somewhere along the line, the full RSS display got lost even though the settings still cal for it.

      Looking into what’s going on and hope to get it resolved shortly.

      • Josh – when you get a chance, check it again in your Google reader.

        • Not Josh, but was looking for a place to comment on the new RSS display, this looks like the place. Using Google Reader, I only get the headline and maybe 1-4 lines of text. I really prefer the full page approach. Just registering a “vote”.

        • The liturgical gangsta’s post has about 5 lines in the reader, the three previous posts are title only. I’ll send a screen shot to iMonk’s email.

          I’ve subscribed to the comments RSS feed, and curiously enough I’m getting full text on the comments, no matter how long they are.

  41. We are having the Google reader issue again, and we are working on it. It’s only an issue in Google reader, and I apologize. Joe is working on it. So no vote necessary.

  42. No, it’s not just an issue in Google Reader. I use Feedreader, a Windows client RSS reader and I’m just getting the intro text. I thought maybe you intended the new site to work that way so everyone saw the sponsor ads. But if you didn’t, it’s a problem with your RSS feed.