October 31, 2020

W.A. Criswell on “The Bible Kind of Salvation”

If you’re a Southern Baptist determined to fight against those pesky Calvinists and anyone who believes in the sovereignty of God in salvation…..If you want to return the SBC to the good ‘ol days of preachers like Criswell…..go get a Diet Coke and watch/listen to this.

Sit a good distance from your computer keyboard, especially when you’re drinking that Diet Coke.


  1. I’m not a Calvinist either. But neither was Criswell. Without going into Limited atonement, Criswell shows that election is the plain teaching of the Bible. Did he mention predestination?

    I posted this so the anti-Calvinists- who revere Criswell- could see what W.A.C. learned at SBTS in the days long before the “Calvinist takeover.”

  2. Patrick Lynch says

    I watched some of it; I like this guy.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this. I had to miss church today, and I wanted to hear some preaching. This is exactly what I needed for all kinds of reasons that had nothing to do with election. Funny how that happens when a preacher preaches the scripture.

  4. See if you can get some Warren Carr. Now there is a baptist I would be willing to follow.

  5. Dan Smith says

    My Campbellite dad played in the Amarillo, TX, high school band with SBC W.A. during the late 20s. Dad used to tell me how he got Criswell his very first date.

    Thanks for the memories.

  6. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    I assume the “Criswell” referred to is NOT that Celebrity Psychic of the Fifties who narrated Plan Nine from Outer Space for Ed Wood?

    (Sorry, IMonk, but that is the first thing the name “Criswell” brings up in my mind. My grandmother was quite a fan of “I PREDICT…”)

  7. W.A. Criswell, long time pastor of First Baptist, Dallas.

  8. Michael,

    I watched this when Tom put it up and was, to put it mildly, surprised! Fascinating indeed, and a great sermon.

    I love, though, how Tom says in his comments section that Criswell was just being “a biblicist,” which, for those who have kept up with the recent discussions concerning Calvinism in the SBC, is funny indeed!

    Thanks for this.


  9. michael,

    please describe the difference between election and predestination as you understand it. is this just a semantic argument?

  10. L. Adam Russell says

    Allowing the holy scriptures to speak reveals God’s Holiness and Sovereignty of all things in Christ. To use the title of “Calvinism” takes us away from the entire systematic working in God’s Word. Only God can “draw” us to him; Can I as dead can aquire faith apart from God meaning I am just “sick”. I think these weighty matters discussed by Paul, Augustine, Luther can not be downplayed. God’s election/predestination/drawing are what make grace so amazing!