September 30, 2020

Vicarage Available!

The parishioners of St. Mary’s and St. Andrew’s in the Chelmsford Diocese of the Church of England have been having a hard time filling their pastoral vacancy. So they put together this short video describing the charms of their setting.

Charming indeed!


  1. Sign me up!

  2. I LIKE those people!!!!

    really enjoyed seeing that . . . 🙂

  3. Fr. Stephen Donahue says

    I LIKE you guys. If you don’t mind having an American…………..

  4. Love it! If they’ll take a woman with a degree in Old English, I’m there!

  5. Indeed – they have a grave situation, LOL!! Loved it!

  6. Isaac (or possibly Obed) says

    If they’re still vacant when I get ordained to the priesthood, and they’d take someone ordained in ACNA, I’d totally apply!

  7. I’d go there in a heartbeat! Pity I’m a Methodist. 😀

  8. Kenneth Howes says

    Would they accept a Lutheran and pay for a visit and eventual move to England? Old Norfolk family; Thomas Howes moved from Morningthorpe (near Norwich) to Cape Cod in 1637.