January 24, 2021

Veterans Day: John Gorka – Let Them In


  1. thank your for this, CHAPLAIN MIKE, made me think of my cousin who died at 19 in Viet Nam so long ago

    I found the lyrics:

    “Let them in, Peter,
    They are very tired
    Give them couches where the angels sleep
    And light those fires

    Let them wake whole again
    To brand new dawns
    Fired with the sun
    Not wartime’s bloody guns

    May their peace be deep
    Remember where the broken bodies lie
    God knows how young they were
    To have to die
    God knows how young they were to have to die

    Give them things they like
    Let them make some noise
    Give roadhouse bands, not golden harps
    To these our boys

    And let them love, Peter
    ‘Cause they’ve had no time
    They should have trees and bird songs
    And hills to climb

    The taste of summer in a ripened pear
    And girls sweet as meadow winds
    With flowing hair

    Tell them how they are missed
    And say not to fear
    It’s gonna be alright
    With us down here

    Let them in, Peter… “


  3. Thanks CM: Yesterday, as all Veterans Days, was a sobering time for me once again. This song says it well. I think back so often to the young men I was with during the Nam days. Spent my three years as a combat medic, mostly in hospitals, with many guys flown in directly from Nam…watchin them die.

  4. George Homanich says

    Too many have died for, and because of lies by gov’t leaders. This song is more in keeping with the original intent of Armistice Day, than the flag-waving hooray known as Veterans’ Day. Thank you.

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