November 26, 2020

Update on Prayer Beads Sale

By Chaplain Mike.

I think we’ve overwhelmed our dear friend Alan Creech. As of tonight, he has raised $1,444.75 $2,275.25 $2305.25 to help the Spencers with their needs! (This is the final tally.)

As Randy Jackson would say, “Dawg, that’s dope!”

Alan, you are the best. We will pray for an extra measure of finger strength as you tie those holy knots!

P.S. The sale is now over. Anyone contacting Alan to order for the iMonk sale will be encouraged to give to the Spencers directly. In addition, if you would like to help Alan by chipping in to help reduce his costs, feel free to contact him at his blog.


  1. Chris Trevino says

    This is a totally great fundraiser idea. I’m not catholic, but I can see how something like this could help as a physical reminder and aide to prayer. I’m looking forward to experimenting with it.

  2. Finger strength and holy knots – that’s good, Michael. I’ll take that. It’s a good kind of overwhelmed. I’m amazed and very grateful for all those who have shared in this giving effort – good ‘ole Body of Christ stuff there. Peace to all in this house.

  3. Steve in Toronto says

    I am trying to think of the Baptist friendly equivalent to Alan’s rosary sale maybe a bake sale? Any ideas?

  4. The final, final number ended up being $2305.25, Michael – amazing stuff. Looking forward to sending that check off when it all comes in. Thanks!

  5. I wanted to make sure everyone who comes by here knows that the sale has ended as of Midnight last night. If people e-mail me with orders now, I’m encouraging them to give directly to Michael and Denise through this site. I put a post up on my blog about it. Thanks again people. Peace.

  6. Great news for the Feast of the Annunciation, and may your fingers heal up soon, Alan! 😉

  7. Alan was hoping to bring in maybe $300 of orders and he brought in over $2300! I hope many of us will help Alan out in paying for the supplies. This has got to be costing Alan a lot of money! I know he loves and appreciates Michael’s help, but now Alan could use a bit a help too, I would say.

  8. I’m grateful to be able to give to them right now in this way. I’ll be fine. And I’m 80+ rosaries away from healed up hands, Martha! ha! I hope nobody’s in a hurry to get theirs. Peace.

  9. Alan, but it’ll make great reading in your “Vita” for the edification of future generations: “And lo, the Blessed Alan did toil even unto the wearing of his fingers down unto the bone so as that the faithful might not lack the means of prayer, yea, even on the Feast of the Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin did he toil, and he rested then on that glorious feastday.”


  10. Haa!

  11. I just received the first 4 of the rosaries I ordered, and was amazed at how lovely they are! I had no idea they would be so gorgeous and so HEAVY (in a good way! by which I mean, these are definitely NOT cheap plastic rosaries; these are ROCKS, baby!)! I’m showing them (and giving them!) to friends and family and everyone is impressed by the high quality! Thank you, Alan!

  12. They sound great, Christine! When Alan is less busy, I think I will order some for myself, even though I don’t pray the rosary (even though I am Catholic). I just want some. Is that wrong? I hope not!