January 27, 2021

Update From Michael (Tues 1/26)

Just a few notes for those of you who read every day.

1. I am having a port surgically inserted Thursday. Chemo begins the following week. My side effects on 10 radiation treatments were average, if not less. I have no idea what this will mean.

2. My appetite is at an all time low, but I am doing OK. I need chicken soups. After that, ??

3. Depression is a very real adversary. I am God’s servant at this time and for this calling. Pray for me that I keep my eyes on the daily task and leave the results to God.

4 Thank you to all of you who have contributed in various ways. Your generosity has been a great encouragement. My job has been removed, but I have a place to stay as long as Denise is here. My insurance will run out in late February and we are working with our options for the next period of time. That is where your contribution makes a big difference.

To give support, use paypal or write denisespenc@gmail.com.

5.Keep me in your prayers. I am sleeping a lot as I try to regain my balance- a very slow process.

6. I’m a pretty poor visit, but I appreciate knowing you remember me. Pray for God’s grace, God’s strength and Gods will.

Michael Spencer


  1. Michael,

    To know you are in such a terrible situation brings me much grief.

    I cannot begin to understand what you are going through.

    May God be glorified in all of this.

    Praying for your healing,
    LOVE – Matthew Johnston

  2. My prayers are with you and Denise in this difficult journey.