January 27, 2021

Devotional Resources for Your iPod + Writing For The Empty Nest

bible_ipod_144x144.jpgI am helped daily by good audio resources on my iPod. I’d like to share two resources that are new to me and very encouraging.

Many of us never hear any preaching from the mainline denominations. Our entire exposure to preaching is from evangelicals and fundamentalists, but many mainline preachers are worth hearing. I’ve discovered the Day 1 Podcast, which features interviews and sermons from preachers in several mainline denominations. These are well done and almost always helpful and Biblical. You can subscribe via iTunes.

Another fine resource for your iPod is a daily service of Morning Prayer from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. While I’ve heard a couple of these, this one stands out. Great voice by Rev. Chris Lee and wonderful background music adds a nice touch. Each service is around 15 minutes, so it’s a good length for your morning routine. The iTunes subscription is on this page, but you need to look carefully. The icon is under “Morning Prayer” and says “iTunes.”

Your itunes podcast discoveries are welcome in the comments.

Also, I realized this week that a lot of IM readers may be sending a child off to college this month. We’ve been through that one and have recorded some of our feelings and experiences.

Denise wrote “Hannah Had It Wrong- But Just Barely” when our first child went to college. Great writing.

Denise wrote this one when Clay left for College: He’s Gone.

Here’s what I wrote at IM when we sent Clay off to school. Clarity at the Crossroads of Life.


  1. I’ve also found some good teachings from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis–they have a podcast, as well as Covenant Worldwide. Great teachings on a seminary level.

  2. I’ll put a plug in for The Bible Podcast. It’s just a chapter a day from the bible, read from the New English Translation. No commentary, no character voices, just good clear reading. Mmmmmm. Delicious.

    About to hit our second anniversary this September, and it looks like we’ll hit our 1 millionth download at about the same time.

    The link:


    BTW, we’re trying to launch a Chinese version of the podcast; if anyone here is interested in lending a hand, you can contact me through the website.

  3. Ancient Faith Radio podcast – from the Orthodox perspective. Actually there are several good shows from this internet radio broadcast that podcast.

    The Illumnined Heart Podcast from Ancient Faith Radio

  4. I don’t know the difference between a podcast and a regular mp3, or how open the Ipod is to other audio formats.

    I’ve enjoyed downloading a lot of the presentations from Calvin College’s January Series. The later ones are in ram rather than mp3, and won’t travel to my mp3 player. They have to be listened to online, from what I can tell.

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