September 21, 2020

Three items of Interest to IM Readers

marin1) Many of you have, like me, found Andrew Marin’s ministry to be extremely helpful on the issue of building bridges between evangelicals and the GLBT community. Having met Andrew personally and watched him communicate with seminar audiences, I can only say that we should all do whatever we can to extend the ministry of Andrew and the Marin Foundation as far as possible.

Despite the impressive name, The Marin Foundation is a small operation with a very small budget involving a very small number of churches. Staff is very small, but I can’t possibly over-emphasize how important that staff is for Andrew’s work. They have an ambitious agenda to serve the church. They want to make a tremendous difference in what the church knows and how we relate to the GLBT community.

If you would like to support the Marin Foundation, now is a critical time. Church support and individual support are both important. I can’t think of a more deserving ministry. Contact the Marin Foundation at their web site or via email. Andrew would love to correspond with you about what The Marin Foundation needs now and in the future.

902) A few months ago, when we first unplugged the cable tv, I recommended the board games from Yellow Mountain Imports. You can read my post here, or you can visit their site here.

Today they wanted to say thanks, so they sent a 10% off code to all IM readers. Just use InternetMonk(just like that. capital I and M) as the coupon code on checkout. It’s good for a while.

3) Credo House of Theology in Edmund, Oklahoma is having an Open House Thursday, July 31st, 5 -9 p.m. Go by and say hello to Michael Patton if you are in the area, and eat lots of his free snacks.


  1. Andrew Marin’s book is a must read, though not everyone will agree with his theological position.

    What I said in my review is:

    So, what about Andrew Marin’s book. First, let me say that there is much that I appreciate and celebrate about Andrew Marin and his ministry. Second, there is much about this book that I find agreement with. Third, there is much in the theology behind this book that I find lacking and not well developed.


  2. I appreciate the comment, but I don’t want this post to become a debate. Please go to Chris’s link if you want to discuss Andrew’s theology.

  3. Hey, thanks for the coupon tip, iMonk. And thanks to YMI for offering it. I just dropped a wad of cash on them for some go stuff. You should learn to play go… It’s pretty easy to get started with, but provides endless opportunity for challenge as you develop. It has a very different mentality than chess… Go suits my personality much better.

    You can play online for free at . Let me know if you want to play sometime…

  4. Whoops. That link didn’t work. Try again:

  5. It’s Edmond not Edmund, Oklahoma.

    David McLaughlin
    Human Spellchecker
    Oklahoma Resident

  6. Thanks Michael!

  7. iMonk

    Agreed – I would prefer that people simply read the book – it will change the way you think about the issue.


  8. If you cannot afford to purchase the book, please let me know and I may be able to get you a copy – the number of copies that I have is limited.