November 30, 2020

Tune In January 17th: Tim Challies Blog Tour Stops Here For Gossip, Brawling and Real Questions

tim-challies.jpgI’m honored to be one of the stops on the “Tim Challies Blog Tour” promoting his new book, The Discipline of Discernment. I’ll be asking the questions and he’ll be answering me in Canadian, but I’ll get a translator.

Tim and I probably don’t see eye to eye on a lot of subjects, but I’m happy to help him promote his book, which I want to recommend to IM readers as a well-written, thorough look at a very controversial topic in evangelicalism, and especially in the blogosphere. Tim told me he expected no softballs here in the Internet Monk compound, and I’ll do my best not to disappoint. Since Tim and I are opposite numbers in much of Reformed blogosphere, I expect this to be an interesting post.

So check out the book and be back here on the 17th for all the fireworks as we finally learn things such as what rotten names Tim’s wife calls him when she’s mad and what the heck is so great about Tim Horton’s?


  1. Monk brother,
    You know I love you dearly. Just don’t be crossing any lines when it comes to Tim Horton’s, eh!? We Canadians have at least one national institution we are proud of – and it just happens to make good honest coffee, great sandwiches and little cakes masquerading as donuts.

  2. Richard Campeau says

    Michael: I assure you that nothing is great about Tim Horton’s. Everything they do is done better elsewhere, usually within a 100 meters. What they do well is consistency. You can always get a good-enough sandwich and cup of joe at Timmy’s. On long drives between Quebec and BC, particularly in the wilderness of Northern (ie. western) Ontario where it’s a 2-4 hour drive between towns, the sight of Timmy’s gladdens the heart. There’s something about familiarity that makes mediocrity very tolerable.

    The other Tim, Tim Challies, is not mediocre. He’s a really good guy. I’ll look forward to your chat with him.

  3. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say. This is my first time to the site and I have to say…I’m quite impressed. I’m adding it to the blogroll at my site, The Christian Manifesto (

  4. Tim’s will do, and there’s always one around, but when there’s a Starbucks nearby, I’m there.

    Looking fwd to the post. I received my copy of Tim’s book and yesterday and have already started on it.

  5. Jan Dillaha says

    I live in SE Michigan were we are fortunate enough to have Tim Hortons. The coffee is the best.

  6. I don’t like Tim Horton’s coffee. I love their donuts though.

  7. Mr. Campeau hits the nail on the head with Tim Horton’s. When I worked 3rd Shift, and was driving home at 3:30 AM, Tim Horton’s was the only place open (with a drive-thru) that served decent coffee, and a Boston Cream donut. It is nothing spectacular, but we have nothing else like it in OH.

  8. What’s so great about Tim Hortons?

    The prices.

    (Coffee isn’t bad, though, and the Hot Chocolate is rather good.)