December 4, 2020

Trinity Sunday

Old Bed and New,

By Chaplain Mike

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 28:16-20

in this bed, two lovers fumbled
as they found their way
and it was holy when they knelt
beside this bed to pray
it kept them warm through many nights
of cold, elusive fear
when tender sweet caresses
answered softly falling tears
some secrets whispered in this bed
have never left this room
dreams both dreamt and spoken
in this bed lie silent too
souls and bodies here unveiled
in private rendezvous
this bed has known the mystery of two

in this bed were babies born
in labor and travail
life launched on clean white linen
weighing anchor, taking sail
pain and laughter mingled
with exhaustion at the sight
as mother nurses infant
in the stillness of the night
children nestled in this bed
a fortress sure and strong
when dreams and midnight noises
signaled gothic monster throngs
sing-song rhymes and morning hugs
in sleepy soft debris
this bed has known the mystery of three

in this bed an aged one
has taken now to rest
she should be serving dinner
but the children thought it best
they come each day to see her
and brush her hair out with a comb
while she stares out the window
and sighs a wordless moan
one morning here they found her
in this bed, but she was gone
they gathered all around her
and sang her favorite song
the bed went to the attic
’til the day the sale would come
this bed has known the mystery of one

“this bed you see before you
has some stories it could tell
now, who’ll begin the bidding?
we’ve got many things to sell
sold! to number thirty
for a hundred dollars there
a good price for a piece
that’s neither old, nor fine, nor rare”


  1. Beautiful and poignant!

  2. David Cornwell says

    Beautiful poem singing the mysteries of life and death.

  3. Chaplain Mike, I remember we had a cassette of some of your songs when we lived in Kyrgyzstan. This one was always my favorite.