December 4, 2020

Tributes to the Internet Monk

Noted by Chaplain Mike.

MOD Note: Many readers are contributing links to other tributes in the comments. Thank you! I encourage you to peruse the comments as well as this list.

Here is a partial list of remembrances and tributes to Michael Spencer that are appearing around the web:


  1. David Rattigan (former BHT fellow).

  2. Jason Blair says

    A large collection of tributes from Brian D
    Tributes at Phoenix Preacher

  3. This response is amazing, and yet not. I can’t believe he’s not with us now. Michael had that larger-than -life quality of someone who is saying, out loud, what I really have suspected, and don’t want to be true. Saying things that many people believe, but hate to admit to the world. Someone who is used by God in a, seemingly, supernatural way.

    I’m so thankful that I came across the site, and in the past few months I’ve been grateful for Chaplain Mike stepping in. And others. So many Michaels.

    It’s unthinkable that this would end. God enabled Michael to write a book before he became ill. God sent in others to fill the gap. I guess if He means it to continue, it will, with lots of effort and sacrifice from those called.

  4. I ran across this link on the Dallas Morning News religion blog:

  5. Fearsome Tycoon says

    Don’t forget your ol’ pal, Fearsome Pirate.

    It’s more about Jesus and the resurrection than Michael Spencer per se…but I did that on purpose because I think that’s what he would have wanted.

  6. Wow. Truly a testimony to the impact Michael has had. Here’s mine from Tuesday:

  7. Here’s mine, from Revolution 21’s Blog for the People:

  8. A very brief tribute from a brother in the wilderness.

    • Caine, I made a reply to the tribute on your blog and a weird page came up making it seem like my comment didn’t go through so I did it again and now I see they are BOTH there. You may want to delete one of the comments. It was a well-written tribute you wrote.

  9. I hope this is not inappropriate, but I feel very strongly I must express this somewhere. I guess this is the place.

    I was lucky enough to know Mike when I was very young, which was a long (*cough* LONG) time ago. He was the Youth Minister at the church I went to in Owensboro, Ky. Probably some others of you here knew him then as well.

    I will never forget Mike, never have in all these years. He was more of an influence on me than almost anyone ever was or will be, and for much different reasons than you might expect.

    Mike would, on occasion, have some of us kids over for kind of a more casual, after-hours kind of thing. He would play Captain Beefheart records. And Gary Neumann. And Can. And at my age, with the limited cultural resources available to me, I thought he himself was an angel. And while that may not seem like a big deal compared to what he’s done for others in other ways, to me it was every bit as life-changing…life SAVING, to some degree.

    Denise, if you read this, please know that though I have not really followed the path of the Church, I have never, EVER forgotten you or Mike. I found out yesterday (on Facebook of all places…good grief…) of Mike’s passing and was CRUSHED. I had hoped, one day, on this big crazy internetsweb, to find Mike, to tell him how much he changed my life. How he led me to my true passion. He opened up the universe to me. It was always one of those “one day” kind of things, and now that day will never come. It truly breaks my heart.

    My best to you, your kids, all your family and friends. I only knew the man a short time but I have no doubt he continued to touch and change as many people (again, in different ways, but still) as he did me. Peace to you.


  10. David Cornwell says