October 21, 2020


Chaplain Mike BEFORE his sabbatical…

Chaplain Mike AFTER his sabbatical…


  1. Mike – We keep you alive to serve this ship.

  2. You mean your sabbatical has put years on you? 😉

  3. Before the sabbatical, he had to row; after, he merely parts the water.

  4. No “damn dirty ape” still?

  5. To keep Mike away from internetmonk they’ll have to pry the keyboard from his cold, dead hands.

  6. Do we get to hear you thoughts on all those books you are reading? In particular the king Jesus gospel and the end of sexual identity.

  7. I suppose we have to dispose of the golden calf now.

  8. But what if we like the sweaty slave Mike better ??

    • Don’t worry; he’s back in the galleys now. His readers are banging the drum and cracking the whip, and the crazy world of modern religion keeps sending in ships to be rammed. Now if only Chaplain Mike could save a really rich guy and enter into a life of leisure!

      Welcome back, Mike!

  9. Welcome back, brother.

  10. Happy Transformation Day!

    Welcome back, Chaplain Mike!

  11. …Transformation from christian on a mission (action based) to the prayerful, contemplative christian. See what litany of the hours with the monks does to you? – food for the soul…

    Welcome back – we will all be curious to know how you felt on the day you left the Abbey (for me it felt almost like a loss)…. Martha has done her best to stir the stew while you have been gone, Jeff’s computer has moved on to a better life and Jeff himself is heeding advice from Imonk viewers and taking care of his warning signs so that he does not move on prematurely (I think Pattie threatened to come find him take him to the doctor’s herself) and Damaris and a host of others filled the void you left vacant for the last month.

    We Catholics got to laugh at ourselves as well – which is always fun.

    And by the way – you should have learned on your sabbatical that your booklist that you stated you would read while away was just a wishlist and not a list of things to be checked off – all in due time, if ever….ah how a retreat free’s one’s mind from our self imposed burdens….

  12. Its good to have you back CM. You were missed!! (Hugs from Washington, D.C.)

  13. Mike must have been on sabbatical longer than I thought.

  14. Just think- next time, he’ll return looking like one of them crazy Desert Fathers 😉

  15. Another Mary says

    Yes, welcome back. It’s good to hear your ‘voice’ again.

  16. Missed you, CM! Anxious to hear all about your sabbatical — welcome back to the Shadowlands!

  17. Reminds me of the Joh Fisher Musical New Covenant song evangelical vail productions