January 19, 2021

Tom Wright Sings Genesis

Several people have called my attention to this great video of N.T. Wright singing a song about Genesis to the tune of the Beatles’ “Yesterday.”

Nice job, Tom. But I gotta get me one of those “double helix” guitars!



  1. Here’s a picture of Francis Collins with his double helix guitar. http://biologos.org/blog/blessed-is-the-peacemaker

  2. Radagast says

    I thought you meant he sings Genesis… I was expecting a cover of Lamb Lies Down on Broadway!

  3. Wright Rocks!

  4. Way better than anticipated.

  5. Tokah Fang says

    Here’s a youtube link to the song for those (who like me) have computers that don’t play nice with vimeo.


  6. Wait. He adjusted his capo at the end of the song, which implies to me that he planned to sing another song…is there more?! Was he putting on a full show?

  7. or see his bob dylan cover here http://bit.ly/L8jIF1

  8. Clay Knick says

    I was there at Hearts & Minds in Dallastown, PA last Saturday when he sang this. He also sang the Dylan song that has been making the rounds on the Internet. It was a great day meeting him, hearing him lecture for 30 minutes (no notes, quoted scripture from memory, connections with ideas & culture on the spot, stories/illustrations on the spot), & hearing him sing. What a great day.

  9. Smegma Smacker says

    To me NT Wright is just another TV evangelist with a smoother spiel.

  10. Headless Unicorn Guy says


  11. David Cornwell says

    I love it!

  12. Got to see him at my church last week; he should have busted out the geetar! Would have went over well in Nashvegas.

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