September 25, 2020

To Know We’re Not Alone

despair.jpgDescribing the true nature of Christian experience is an important part of what I want to do with my writing. It’s also one of the things most controversial about this blog and what I’ve chosen to express through it. Some of my past posts have come close to writing the kinds of pieces that I want to create; writing that breaks down the barriers between us all and speaks to and from the heart of our broken realities.

To Know We’re Not Alone
is a piece about a discovery I made many years ago that has haunted and motivated me ever since. Perhaps it describes you, or will remind you of someone you know who feels that no one could possibly ever be in the same experience they are living.

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  1. NewlyReformed says

    Wow! I’m still trying to get my jaw off the floor seven hours after I initially read this post. Brutally honest. I am always challenged by what I read here. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for re-running this important post. Because I came to faith in my late 30’s, I often feel out of place in evangelical gatherings, especially small groups where you hear more of what people really believe.

    They assume I’m like them because I’m pretty clean cut nowadays, but if they knew how many times I’ve been arrested, how many women I’ve been with, or how many drugs I’ve done, I wonder how many of my fellow Christians would still invite me into their homes?

    It’s sad that your pastor felt like he could never come clean about his depression much earlier. There are many Christians who struggle with depression, and are afraid to seek medical help because they’re worried about the stigma of anti-depressant medication.

    I’ve had two church leaders in the past year confide to me that they struggled with a porno addiction and the same thing applies. For these “bad sins,” all too often the church is the hardest place to find healing.

  3. Just a clarification. This was not a pastor of mine, but the pastor of a church where I frequently visited. This happened one evening during a revival service.

  4. “a sacrament of honesty in a religion of pretense”

    I pray that I may be this for someone.

    Thanks for giving me the words.