October 29, 2020

Tidying up before taking a break

By Chaplain Mike

For about a week or so, I will be taking my leave of the iMonastery and venturing out to do a few other important things. The eminently capable, immaculately dressed, and incomparably qualified Very Right Reverend Jeff Dunn, along with the rest of the team, will be leading you into thoughtful contemplation and discussion in my absence.

Top on the list is the first wedding in the Mercer household. Our second daughter will exchange vows with her hubby-to-be on Saturday. The whole clan from both sides will be invading, starting tomorrow night, and our house will resemble a dormitory for the next several days.

The plans call for an outdoor ceremony, so we are holding our collective breath for another bright and beautiful autumn day here in central Indiana. This dad will be playing both Minister and Father of the Bride, and there are no guarantees I won’t dissolve into a sentimental puddle the very moment I’m required to speak.

Before I unplug tonight, I want to say thanks for all the great discussion you have contributed the past week or so. It has been one of the most satisfying periods of my time here at Internet Monk. We have talked about some important matters, and for the most part, the conversations have been respectful, edifying, and thought-provoking.

However, please don’t worry—pretty soon Ted Haggard will do something dumb, or Rick Joyner’s church will put out another silly video, and we can start throwing eggs at each other again. Or, should we maybe host another Creation Week, and invite Ken Hamm, Al Mohler, and John MacArthur? (I’ll need a real, and perhaps permanent vacation if we do that again.)

Or . . . let’s see . . . was that a new woman minister in the Liturgical Gangstas? Yes, it was! I’m pleased to introduce Rev. Angie Gage, associate pastor at Paragould First United Methodist Church in Paragould, Arkansas. She comes highly recommended by former LG Matthew Johnson, who had to take a leave of absence from talking about ministry to, well, do ministry. You’ll be hearing a lot more from Angie in the days ahead, and I for one am eager to learn what church and the pastoral life looks like from her perspective.

Before I forget, a tip of the ol’ baseball cap to the Cincinnati Reds, who clinched the NL Central last night with a Jay Bruce walk-off home run.

Though I am a die-hard Cubs fan, this year I am rooting for the Reds in honor of Michael Spencer, who died on Opening Day, and was a great fan of the Redlegs. I also got to meet Dusty Baker earlier this year (I apologized to him for the rude treatment he received from Cubs fans and media). He’s one of the classiest guys in the league. In addition, Scott Rolen played a wonderful role of encourager and friend to friends of mine who went through a difficult loss in their family, and so I root for him wherever he plays.

I’m sure our beloved iMonk popped a cork in heaven last night and cheered!

Finally, a warning to our iMonk writing team: don’t try to be too clever while I’m gone. This church sign I saw yesterday shows how cleverness can sometimes get you into theological trouble. I’m pretty sure Luther would object.

See you next week. Grace and peace.


  1. Hope the wedding is wonderful. Also, I love that a woman is now part of the liturgical gangstas. Look forward to her continued contribution.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter on her about-to-be marriage! Have a great time at the wedding, Chaplain Mike. We will miss you here while you are gone, but we will play nicely.

  3. Sounds WONDERFUL.
    Congratulations on the coming marriage of your daughter.
    May all go well with you and yours.

  4. That Other Jean says

    Joy to all the members of the wedding, family, and friends.

  5. Enjoy.

  6. Congratulations and may the Spirit touch the ceremony with the glow of love.

  7. …that sign… It’s why I hate being a baptist. A picture worth a thousand words indeed!

  8. I think the sign is kind of cute.

  9. Best wishes for the wedding! I hope the weather stays good for you all and that the Irish (and apparently Scottish and Russian) saying “It’s not a wedding without a fight” is proven untrue.


  10. Just a shout-out from Hardy/Cherokee Village to Paragould! Welcome to the team 🙂

  11. SearchingAnglican says

    I loved Scott Rolen when he played for the Cardinals, and since they couldn’t keep it together this year, it does seem only fitting to root for the Reds.

    And have a WONDERFUL wedding weekend. I think it’s sweet when daddies get choked up during the ceremony…

  12. Aren’t all Cubs fans diehards? ‘Cause if they died easily, there wouldn’t be any.

    Congratulations to your daughter and new son-in-law. Married my oldest daughter off in June, so I kind of know what you’re going through. I didn’t perform the ceremony, but I did play and sing a song I wrote for them. You’ll do just fine!

  13. Peace be with you, CM. You’ll be sorely missed during your absence!