January 21, 2021

This May Be What You Heard in Church on Sunday

By Chaplain Mike

I was watching an old favorite movie the other day, and thought for a moment I was in church. Given the state of preaching in many churches today, the sentiments of this famous speech may well represent what you heard from the pulpit…er…stage this morning.

World without end. Amen.


  1. Eric Morst says

    that made me laugh. the comparison to modern exegesis is what did it. we all have our el guapo.

    • I have heard more sermons like that than I can count! But thankfully, that’s not what I heard in church last Sunday. Last Sunday, I heard a continuation of an expository series from Exodus, with plenty of solid application to our lives and some insightful questions by my 9-year-old daughter …

      … oh, wait — did I mention our family worships at home? Partly because of too many sermons like the clip above? I guess I should’ve said that first. Sorry …

  2. Well…eh…if I may… When I think of the experiences and what I saw when I was a fundegelical…

    Productions being bigger than life but being in small groups where guys won’t talk about lust, work problems, or be authentic. Or an envirnment where Pharises crawl and spend their time looking to find flaws in others and hammer other Christians, or a place where it seems where a good concept becomes like a bad nightmere especially when the Bible is used as a weapon and people fight over the most ridiculous topics (ie pre-trib rapture….) To finally an environment where people want to go to Rwanda, Kenya, etc.. to proclaim the gospel yet ignore their neighbor, workplace and show no love or grace to those around them then it brings to mind another Chevy Chase movie.


    BUT if you’ve seen Vacation with Chevy Chase, then maybe you’ll understand when I say this…mega church picnics are better… 😉

  3. I have the spiritual gift of sewing! Can I teach other church people to sew? That way, we could save ourselves from (eternal or non-eternal) El Guapo hell!

    Ahhh … wait … must take the day off from work to meditate on the theological issues raised by these statements ….

  4. We once had a substitute pastor sent to us by the Synod (we’ll never do that again – we’ll use the retired pastor in our congregation, or a lay person), and the sermon wasn’t quite as good as appeal made in the video.

  5. Prodigal Daughter says

    Well now that you post that, Martin Short and Joel Osteen DO have a similar smile… 😉

  6. It had the benefit of being much shorter than a Sunday morning sermonette. This is my chief reason for not listening to Christian radio. It’s a parody of itself.

  7. One more Mike says

    Yes, you can SEW!

    S- be more Spiritual!
    E- Evangelize! In India or Africa, like Rick Warren does!
    W-Work in one of our many “ministries”!

    With 8 to 10 verses pulled out of context to drive home the points. And a rimshot from the drummer as the gathering repeats “Spiritual Evangelizing Work”!

    Put ’em up against the wall…….

    • Brilliant, One More Mike.

    • Don’t forget – there are Three Amigos, just like there are Three Persons in the Trinity. And they all want to be our amigos 🙂

      Is everyone ready for Shrove Tuesday tomorrow? Got your pancake-making supplies in? Ready to dispose of all the eggs and dairy products before Ash Wednesday? Making your Lenten resolutions?

      (I’ve gotten as far as ‘getting the pancake-making supplies in’. The rest of it – well, um, ah…)


  8. Very funny. One of the things that drove me away from moralizing in my own preaching to proclaiming Christ properly was the realization that the theatre could do as well, even better, than me, at providing moral incentive. What people need is not more moral instruction or moral incentive, but real moral ability. And pep talks can’t provide it – although they give the feeling of having done so for a short while. Real moral ability comes from the gospel of Christ.

  9. I will have to watch this movie again!!

  10. A relative’s church showed scenes from Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation on the screen before service one of the December Sundays. How’s that for getting ready for the service/show?

    • My all time favorite scene was with Cousin Eddy…”if that cat had 9 lives it just used them all!!” 😀

  11. what about that Steve Martin movie where he plays a faith healing con artist?

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