January 16, 2021

There is simply no way

There is simply no way to be a competent parent to a 19 year old child on the subject of dating. First, I’m an idiot anyway. Second, I’ve been married for 26 years. Third, dating is inherently confusing, and anyone who thinks it should make sense should be sent to common sense camp anyway.

A few days ago I received an invitation from Ken Hamm’s “Answers in Genesis” ministry, inviting me to have breakfast with Hamm 🙂 who is preparing to come to Corbin for some kind of a seminar. I politely declined the breakfast, and said I hoped and prayed for a successful presentation of the Gospel. I got back a terse letter back saying what a shame it was that I wasn’t coming as an “interested observer.” I can’t imagine what I would be interested in observing.

I sense the hand of certain OBI employed, young earth creationists at work. These guys are good men, but they won’t give up on trying to get me into their camp where I can really believe the Bible instead of being a modernistic doubter who accepts an old earth. I can handle it, and I appreciate their sincerity, but let’s be plain: I don’t bug people with what I believe. I don’t invite my pals to Calvinistic conferences. I don’t arrange to have them sent materials they didn’t ask for. This goes to show that the YEers really do believe this is all a very crucial matter. If you don’t accept their view of Genesis, you really don’t believe the Bible. A shame. A real shame.

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