September 29, 2020

Theology Study Toolbar Available From Renewing the Mind/Michael Patton

Our friend Michael Patton at Credo House, Renewing the Mind Ministries and The Theology Program has an announcement at his site that may be of interest to some of the IM audience.

“I have designed a theological toolbar to lead you to all the best and most trustworthy sites on the web.


* Online Bibles Sites
* Bible Study Software
* Christian History
* Theological Sites
* Built in MP3 with the entire Theology Program fed into it.
* Easy to access RSS feed to the must read Theological Blogs (IM included of course)
* Google search engine
* and more…

It is very clean. Check it out.”

This is a useful tool and your downloads will also help support Michael’s ministry. Check out the dates for the next Theology Program term. At $100 a course, it’s a great way to learn theology.


  1. Plus, you can download the Theology Program mp3s & videos for free, if you’re not interested in taking part in the course.

  2. Glen Moody says

    Just as a clarification, the name of the above mentioned ministry is “Reclaiming” the Mind, not renewing…..that is someone else altogether.