July 9, 2020

The Violin Guild, by N.T. Wright

To begin the new year, a story from Tom Wright to get us all thinking…


See John 10:22-42. Video created by five staff members from Calvary Church, Santa Ana, CA.


  1. Jesus does not conform to social norms, meet expectations or fulfill wishes. He alone sets the agenda. He is the shepherd and we are the sheep. His rod and his staff protect and direct.

  2. Thought provoking……

  3. I wish N. T. Wright would explain his little parable, as it is not intuitively obvious what he is getting at….

    The violin maker’s son is supposed to represent Jesus, I gather. Other than that, it’s very confusing….

    • Seems to me the point is we’ve all missed the point, especially the “organized” Church (a shot often fired by IM). We just “don’t get it” (another popular phrase in the “Post-Evangelical Wilderness” that eludes me).

    • I’m pretty sure that the interpretation is that the impossible to play music piece is the Torah/OT. The composer is God. The violin guild is israel. The violin guild could not play the music = Israel’s failure to keep the law. The composers son = Jesus. Playing the music flawlessly = Jesus fulfilling the law perfectly. The response of the city guild is representative of how Israel responded to Jesus.