January 27, 2021

The Sleeping Bear Awakens

Our liberal fellow-citizens have awakened from their slumbers. And like any hibernating bear just rising from a four month nap, these liberals are hungry for some political breakfast. This is not a time to pat them on the nose. Better look for a big stick, because they are in an ornery mood.

I’ve bumped into the bears various places this past week. The President of NOW whining at the National Press Club about the need for Federal funds to promote more women firepersons and policepersons in NYC. The editor of The Nationwaxing downright wacky on PBS, saying we need to turn the whole Afghan conflict over to the U.N. (!!!) and spend 50 billion to close the gap between rich and poor. (To whom should we send those checks?) Daschle doing his best impersonation of the fellow who must tell the children there will be no money for new shoes this year because daddy and all his buddies done went and drank it all at the Tax Cut Tavern. Oh My ;-(

But it all pales next to the gushing glee and sounds of celebration coming from the liberal newsrooms of the networks as they sink their teeth into the Enron disaster. Here is what they have been praying for over at CBS, as they burn copies of Bernie Goldberg’s book at night: a real Republican scandal. And such a perfect one. Widows losing their pensions while executives write themselves multi-million dollar golden parachutes. (Hey lady- you put all your pension in company stock? YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!) A bankrupt energy company full of Bush administration contributors. Lots of phone calls to the White House. Lots of denials from the President and the Cabinet. Oh, it is REVIVAL time at ABC!! (Should we tell them about the Enron contributions to the Clinton Administration? Not yet….)

Watching the ABC news promo on the the Enron story, I have to admit to being a bit shocked as they inserted a scandal-ready black and white photo of a stunned President Bush into the middle of the commercial, looking as Nixonesque as possible, as if to say the President was caught with his ranch truck helping the Enron guys haul out money to the garage. Hoping, hoping, hoping. One fellow at CBS Marketwatch, full of the spirit, said that this was Bush’s Whitewater ,only it would be much worse. I am sure Mr. Gore’s phone was ringing off the wall. Whadaya think, Al?

Awakening from their nap, pictures of soldiers in Afghanistan suddenly look different to liberals. They see a war Americans are already tired of, a war accumulating casualties, a war that has few (if any) allies and a war that will spread to other countries. And what is this war to our liberal friends? It is the President’s excuse to ram his agenda down our collective throats, his reason to spend the surplus, give tax cuts to the rich, screw the poor and expand federal power to Orwellian dimensions. The scent of Vietnam is in the air. Now, if they can only get the rest of us to see what they see.

The Gore half of our country has tilted dangerously the President’s way the last four months, and Democrats are seeing a bad moon arising in 2002. Even Napoleon Daschle was not willing to say “No Tax Cut,” while GWB was willing to say there would only be tax increases over his dead body. The President has a great deal of national good will from his job performance since 9-11, and that is influencing public perception of all his policies, not because the country has become conservative, but because people trust the guy. They have seen something in him they didn’t see from Clinton or Gore, and they like it. Do the Democrats think the country will throw out Bush over Enron and anti-war fever? Beautiful dreamer….

So the roused liberal bear will tear up some things, turn over some tables and sound very scary. There are more Enron investigations right now than actual members of congress. The smell of shredded documents is in the air. Look for the long hidden Democratic partisan dummies to line up on the talk shows and begin yapping about Republicans as power-mad, pro-business, big-oil guzzling, money soaked, fat cat, fanatics who can only be stopped by the good hearted, little man loving, pure as the driven snow Democrats. Uh-huh. Tape that so we can watch it over and over.

I have to say liberals needed this shot in the arm. They have taken some serious punches the last few months and it has been painful (and fun) to watch. It is somewhat comforting to know that they can still growl and make things interesting. But someone will need to tell them- they are losing. Losing ground, losing support and losing any semblance of a moral platform to criticize President Bush. They are acting as if GWB is President Clinton. That’s some bad acid, people. The differences are many, but I can summarize it this way: Clinton was a liar, a spinner and a con-artist out to get chicks and be a media star. President Bush tells the truth, means what he says, has a vision for the country and won’t lie to the country and ask us to save his butt. Unfortunately for the liberals, the average Joe has this figured out.

So welcome back liberals. I hope you are up for the fight. I expect it will be a good one, but I think we will see a bear skin rug in the White House very soon.