May 30, 2020

Buchanan on Sabbath + The Sanity Verses Revisited

The Rest of God : Restoring Your Soul by Restoring SabbathI think some of us need to hear the good news of sabbath and refreshment. Wow.

A great book from a great writer: Mark Buchanan on “The Rest of God.” It’s the finest exploration of the role of the sabbath in the life of the Christian I have ever read. Simply superb and a delight to read.

Well…”Quit and See What Happens” is apparently costing some churches some of those dedicated workaholics that keep everything rolling. I may need to go into hiding.

That discussion reminds me of a similar essay. One of my favorites: “The Sanity Verses.” If you missed this one, here is some Biblical material to help you remember that you matter, and God wants you to take care of yourself, not just the machine. Maybe your pastor hasn’t preached these verses quite the way I do in this essay. I wonder why.

While you’re catching up on those good passages, I’ll be working on a sermon and, hopefully, a podcast.

Read: The Sanity Verses. Or for something else to refresh your soul, read, “The Cracked Vase” by Lillian Daniel.


  1. Our magazine has run a number of Mark’s pieces–his piece on consumerism, “The Cult of the Next Thing,” includes this great line: “If ever there was a cult that gave us stones when we asked for bread, this is it.”